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Yarl's Wood Hunger Strikers Attacked

No Borders Brighton | 17.06.2009 14:54 | Migration | Repression | South Coast

Today migrants support workers were witness to an attack on the Yarl's Wood hunger strikers.

Mothers and Fathers in detention at the Yarl's Wood detention centre near Bedford have been on hunger strike for the past 2 days over health care issues and the continuing detention of children in immigration prisons (see: in contravention of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (which the UK has recently signed after years of prevarication) and despite calls form the Children's Commissioner for England Al Aynsley-Green to outlaw the practice

Little has been in the press about this, apart bizarrely enough the Daily Mail

Today whilst on the phone to the wife of one of the people named in the Daily Mail article, Solomon Ojehonmon, a migrant support worker was witness to the brutal attack by SERCO staff on Solomom and a number of others who were taking part in a peaceful sit in as part of their protests.

We ask people to phone the main switch board at Yarl's Wood on 01234 821000 and ask about the status of Solomom and his family (Room C145).

Detainee Solidarity are also organising a picket outside the SERCO office at 22 Hand Court, Holborn, WC1V 6JF this Friday 19th June from 12 noon to 1 pm in support of the hunger strikers.

No Borders Brighton
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A UK Border Agency spokesperson said;

17.06.2009 18:42

Press release from Home Office:

A UK Border Agency spokesperson said;

"Officers have separated a small number of detainees from the general population at Yarls Wood Immigration Removal Centre. This was conducted by staff trained in conflict resolution.

"The detainees had been identified by the contractor and UKBA as disrupting the normal operation of Yarls Wood.

"This separation was conducted with the upmost sensitivity and there have been no injuries to detainees."

Peter Porter
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Update from Yarlswood

17.06.2009 21:00

I've just talked to Laureine, a TCAR member from Newcastle, who was snatched on Friday with her 2 small children. She says that many people are severly traumatised. She said the level of brutality was unbelievable and she's never seen anything like it before. They were protesting peacefully in the corridor but when they were attacked then some people were severly beaten and the guards ripped the clothes from off of one lady. Someone (from immigration or their private lackeys) was filming her. They have been told that if they dare to return to the corridor they will be sprayed with pepper spray. There are small children present so they cannot afford to undergo this level of violence again.

Her message was clear: 'We need supporters outside to protest because we don't have any rights in here.'

The internet and library access has been denied. Doctors have not been allowed access to examine injuries (some of which are severe).

I am texting in some numbers for them to phone, if anyone has any suggestions, please post them here.

In Newcastle we had a demo on Monday, one today (report to follow soon) outside Gov offices North East and there's a march on Saturday at 11am from Centre for Life in Newcastle. I know there is also a march in London.

Immigration is no crime! End Detention!
Deportation is the crime! Lock up Labour!

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