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Update from the SOAS occupation

IMCista | 16.06.2009 18:46 | Education | Migration

Following a well-attended rally at 4:30, which was followed by a march round the Bloomsbury colleges, the occupiers had a long meeting to discuss their demands, some of which the director has already agreed on, while others are still being negotiated.

Just after 7pm, people were told by the management that the directors have left and negotiations will have to resume in the morning. The 'deadline' for getting back to them with the finalised demands was 7pm. Apparently they were too busy to wait for a few minutes!

One important development is that what was thought to be an injunction or eviction notice turned out to be an application for an injunction that will be dealt with by a judge at a hearing on 22nd June. Which means there is no injunction as yet and the SOAS director claiming earlier to have called off the imminent eviction may well have been, well, bullshit!