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SOAS occupation - Demonstration today at 4.30pm

a | 16.06.2009 09:03

16th June - TODAY
4.30pm SOAS steps

SOAS Occupation



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16.06.2009 09:25


16th June - TODAY
4.30pm SOAS steps

Join us – Bring mops, brooms, cleaning gear and make some noise to music from the Samba Sweep to protest racist immigration policies

Speakers include Jeremy Corbyn MP

Last Friday 9 SOAS cleaners were arrested and detained. We demand fair and equal treatment for migrant workers.

Join our campaign today! Keep an eye out for further action and protest all week long

Supported by: The Green Party, UCU, Unison, Ken Loach, Tony Benn, Jeremy Corbyn, PCS, Lambeth activists, London RMT, Birkbeck SU, LSE SU, NSSN, NUS, Bradford SU, Scottish Socialist Youth, and individual support from all over the world.

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16.06.2009 10:27

What is a bellend like that doing speaking? It's the party he's a MP for, enacting this sort of racist policy!

Henry Case

RE. Corbyn

16.06.2009 10:55

Yeah. it is true, Labour are bollocks, and it can be argued quite extensively that Jeremy Corbyn is a mere opportunist. However, to balance out the plate, he has been consistently against New Labour with his position firmly within the left wing old labour fold. Personally i have qualms with the reformist tendencies of even Old Labour, but you have to admire the fact (and check his voting records to confirm this) that he has so often voted against the government, risking his neck from crack downs from the Labour Party parliamentary whips, who can suspend MPs. He, himself, is not personally responsible for the immigration policy of the government, and with actions like getting involved in these protests he is making a clear stand against his own party.


Opportunist would be a kind slight

16.06.2009 13:08

Corbyn is nothing but a hypocrite. You can't bemoan the policies, yet continue to stay in the party. Yeah, he's a part of the Socialist Campaign Group within Labour whose alumni include Ken Livingstone and Tony Benn, with people like Diane Abbot and Jim McDonnell still in it. These morons are harking back for a time when Labour just masked the fact they're anti-working class much better.

Making a clear stand against his party, while he's still in it? Doesn't really work, does it? Socialist politicians are a paradox, and haven't any place in labour disputes. He shouldn't be sticking his oar in.

More pressingly, the occupation is under threat of being evicted. Anyone that can get down to the site now, do so.

Henry Case