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Shouldn't the SOAS raid be the beggining of a campaing against subcontracting?

first they came for the cleaners... | 13.06.2009 11:32 | Repression

What happened at SOAS is sickening - it's a golden opportunity for a campaign against subcontracting in universities &everywhere, though too: the example of solidarity to cleaner Konstantina Kuneva in Greece

solidarity to kuneva: University of Thessaloniki occupied
solidarity to kuneva: University of Thessaloniki occupied

The news coming in are sickening: Immigration police lock in a room(!) and round up, Gestapo-style, 9 migrant workers at the School of Oriental and African Stydies. Worse even, their employing company, the dubious ISS, where directly complicent to this sick operation.

When migrant cleaner and radical syndicalist Konstantina Kuneva was attacked with acid in Greece, a strong grassroots solidarity movement did instantly rise to the challenge and through solidarity to her, developed the demand for an immediate end to subcontracting. The administration of the Aristotle University, in Thessaloniki, was occupied for weeks with the demand that subcontracting ends. The admininstration has now promised that they will seek an end to subcontracting.

Let's rise to the challenge. Solidarity to the cleaners who were rounded up (and all the rest, in constant fear of being so) means stopping the deportations, but it also means to DEMAND AN END TO SUBCONTRACTING BY ALL MEANS POSSIBLE

first they came for the cleaners...


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14.06.2009 12:56

Check out the prison population and all the PFI shennanigans surrouinding it and you'll see this island is run by privateers awith their fat lying politicians, police and press puppets. Then you'll see that they came for a lot more people first ( rounded them up and chucked them into sink estates and the nick and various bullshit schemes - a lot of cleaners were already relieved of work through casualisation, agencies and PFI ). 85% of gdp being the service industry with half of employees having some king of policing role. London is also the global centre of finance and money laundering. Do we want economic growth and to carry on destroying the environment and looting the global south? Oh the 15% manufacturing is also reliant on mining robbery with its accomplices in the metals exchange, LIFFE etc. to finance the crimes and the weapons sales. But yeah, we should attack PFI/PPP full stop ( along with the fuckign monarchy and all those parasites and the bastards in the square mile who are pretty much in the centre of this globalised vampirism ). These companies are robbing energy, health, resources and education worldwide. We should also stop this marketisation of education....Its one global class war with an awful lot of collaborators in the UK.

loot recruit

yes toatlly agree

21.06.2009 20:13

while these arrests are outragous it is our fault for allowing our employers to employ these scummy outfits like ISS employing at or below minimum wage etc