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Sheffield Anti-BNP Demo - Photos

incurable hippie | 09.06.2009 11:24 | Anti-racism | Social Struggles | Sheffield

Yesterday at 5pm, people demonstrated against the election to the European Parliament of a BNP candidate in the region.

An urgent demonstration was called yesterday in response to the election of two British National Party MEPs, one in the Yorkshire and Humber region.

Many gathered outside Sheffield Town Hall to hear speakers, watch drummers, and express their disgust and discontent at racists gaining power.

You can see all the photos of the event here:

The best of the photos here:

A blog post about it here:

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09.06.2009 13:52

I'm confused by this protest ; the LEFT scream about democracy and then when democracy acts and the results don't fall the way they want they scream again. The real issue here is Labour voters didn't and as such and let the Nazi's in. Yet to look at the pictures its them that are showing their faces ; they should be too ashamed to.


shared confusion

09.06.2009 16:47

the difficulty is that many went and voted and then some voted and lost the majority vote to the BNP and then these same people choose to demonstrate that they are unhappy about it - like poor losers. Actually no differant than voting labour in the last general election and crying when they go off to war ignoring your perspective - did you give your force away and are you left feeling helpless?

the sad part is that those people voted at all. Nick Griffin in saying that it is a 'sad day for democracy', may recognise this - most people dont - this type of giving your force to the government or to a political party or a bunch of losers is sad. Take it back and organise, and reach out with your force to be caring and protective and kind towards the people threatened in your community.

its a little childish to vote and complain about the results when it dont go your way - I dont vote and will continue to oppose fascism from this stance.

the sad thing is that some tactics are going to be highly offensive to the majority and most anti-fascist / BNP'ers will not reflect and reinforce thier position (the fascists/BNP'ers). Resistance can again be furtile - dont give an inch. If you are asked to vote say no or what is your yes worth? Lets become a counter culture to the state of things and remember the state is existent as a state of mind - align ourselves with the weakest and be radically inclusive.

bridge with the poor and the marginalised; and lets build real options in poor communities to mind numbing television and a society of consumption, and greed.

dont i go on..


shared amusement

10.06.2009 07:52

Here they go again banging their drums waving their banners and placards a nice little cosy day out for the mix of middle class trendy/anarchist/lefties all telling each other how much they agree with each other all the brothers and sisters of the campaigning left together in a nice huddle outside the town hall..... when are these people gonna learn that what they need to do (which many of them are either incapable of or too stuck up to be bothered) is to get into some of the deprived areas of the north of England where the BNP vote is getting stronger and talk to people face to face on the doorstep win their hearts and minds ask them if they really want to be associated with a brand of politics that their fathers/grandfathers/great grandfathers fought to free Europe from.the plain and simple truth is that the BNP go elected you cannot protest against democracy if you consider yourself a democrat.PR is the ultimate in democratic expression i would have it tomorrow in Uk general elections sadly with PR comes the unpleasant reality of earwigs like the BNP getting into Parliament.Throwing eggs at Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons will only up the publicity for the BNP and make more of those living in parts of the UK where public and social services are failing them think even more about voting BNP if you think 1 million voters voting for the BNP on a 34% turnout is worrying think how bad it might have been if the turnout had been higher.i voted my conscience is clear i am against the European Union i always have been i want Britain out £million or whatever it is that this country pumps into the EU a day could and should be better spent.
Win the heats and minds of those that voted BNP and those of people who just did not bother to vote.
The mainstream political parties in this country are hypercritical the irony is that the political elite that have run British politics for the last 50 years indeed the very same political elite that Nick Griffin blames for the problems that Britain faces today have due to their incompetence greed and dishonesty coupled with voter apathy let the BNP in.....Fact
Pointing a stick at ! shouting at ! waving a banner at ! throwing an egg at ! will not make the BNP go away.....Fact
A shame day for this country when we send fascists to Strasbourg but we only have ourselves to blame.

josh dreamspirit