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Short report of the Anarchist Movement Conference 09

Alessio | 08.06.2009 10:45

Around 300 people attended the conference from all across the country to discuss the anarchist movement and take a self-critical look at our own marginalisation. What happened was a collective re-awakening and sense of purpose. There seemed to be a recognition that anarchist ideas can become a popular and vibrant force in society and if we are to move forward we need to change and develop ourselves, our attitudes and our way of doing things.

300 people attend the final plenary of the conference
300 people attend the final plenary of the conference

Two days being in the same room with the same 12 people seemed slightly daunting, however what I discovered was the exceptional, intelligent and sound people that are involved in anarchist politics in the UK. No eccentrics, egotists or nutters which has perhaps unfairly been the view of anarchist gatherings - though lately the anarchist movement has generally tended to develop an increasingly mature outlook.

There will be a final conference report produced over the summer. If you were at the conference and you want to expand on some of the discussions, or comment on what you got out if then please send the conference group an email at

I understand a fuller call out for submissions will be circulated in the next week of so.

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