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The continuing plight of Rossport

shell is hell | 06.06.2009 19:50 | Ecology | Repression | Social Struggles | World

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The last week has witnessed an escalation in confrontation between the
local community of Rossport, Co. Mayo, and the oil corporation shell.

Work for the project has reached a new stage, with shell starting to
dredge the supposedly protected fishing area and defiling what was once a
pristine marine habitat full of dolphins, whales and other marine life.

For background info about the situation in Rossport see this short video...

For the second time in three days one of the dredgers has been boarded and
occupied by protesters. As a result all the ships working in the bay have
ceased work and returned to harbour with the shell subcontractor, who are
running the dredgers, unwilling to work with ongoing protest activity and
with the use of excessive force being used by the shell security...

Last week saw a An Bord Pleanála hearing where shell admitted that if the
pipeline ruptured then people would have 30 seconds to escape and that
there's been at least 1,200 deaths in the past decade (to 2008) as a
result of pipeline fractures in 58 countries...

The current dredging work indicates the imminent return of the Solitaire,
the largest pipe laying ship in the world. The Solitaire’s work is a major
part in the construction of the pipeline. Last summer, its work was forced
to stop after a local school teacher went on hunger strike and people
tried to confront the boat out at sea in kayaks, this was all despite the
drafting in of police from England and the Irish government bringing in
two naval war boats.

The same local school teacher, who went on hunger strike, has been sent to
jail twice in the last two months, once for fabricated charges and then
for not paying fines related to the original charges.

The more people present in Rossport the more that can be accomplished.
There are important tasks, on land and sea, for everyone to be involved in
whatever your levels of experience. Anyone who is able to travel to Mayo
should do so now or as soon as possible and will be very welcome by the
local community and the Rossport Solidarity Camp. Visitors should bring
tents sleeping bags and water proofs, communal meals are cooked and
compost toilets are set up for sustainable living. Come and see this
beautiful place.

Updates and info about Rossport... - latest Rossport info - Rossport soldarity camp
website with background info about shell project, history of the campaign
and info of how to get involved. - shell to sea campaign website with reports,
background & history of campaign

More info... - The Great Gas Giveaway. The
Irish state will own no part in the Corrib gas project and there are no
royalty payments incurred by the Shell-led consortium for running the gas
project. There will be no tax paid by the corporations selling the gas
until all the company’s exploration and development costs (and the
estimated costs of closing down the operation when the resources are
depleted) have been recovered. - another longer video called 'The
Plunder' about the situation in Mayo, if you can't be bothered to read
loads of text!

Other actions that have taken place in the last week... - Shell security
breached and work stopped in successful action at sea - Confrontation ensues
as Shell vessels arrive at Rossport - Shell causeway
'washed away' by Shell to Sea action

shell is hell