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held for 24 hours by police for flag-waving

rikki | 04.06.2009 22:28 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Terror War

police detained maria gallestegui (from for 24 hours after her arrest yesterday evening for waving the tamil eelam homeland flag at parliament square

maria has finally just been released from belgravia police station after being held for 24 hours for waving a flag that a week ago we were categorically told on film was not proscribed and so she couldn't be 'processed' or arrested.

this marks a serious turn in a farcical story that has been developing since last week. (full report at

police have failed to provide a clear statement on the legality of the red tamil homeland flag (which is similar to but quite separate from the outlawed tamil tiger emblem).

when asked about the film of officers confirming that SO15 (counter terrorism unit) were happy that the flag was NOT proscribed, emma stroud from the met police press bureau said "the officer was probably confused".

check out the film yourself and see if you think he might be confused.

during maria's 24 hour detention, she was photographed from every angle, had her dna, her fingerprints, her handprints, and her footprints taken. she is no doubt on some terrorist database now.

this is truly INSANE.

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