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Interview with Visteon worker

Freedom | 02.06.2009 07:27 | Other Press | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements

The latest issue of Freedom newspaper has an indepth interview with one of the Enfield workers active in the recent Visteon dispute who won a major victory recently against car giants Ford over redundnancy payments when the enire UK forceforce was made redundant.

"The main reason we got the deal we did was because we occupied the building and because of the picket. The top union fellas would never have bothered to get involved if we hadn't have done any of these things, everyone would've gone home, end of story. But because people have done these things, because of the action, people have to come in and do something about it".
Vijay, Visteon Enfield worker

Other articles in this issue include:
Workplace news:
- Unison and shop stewards network
- Postal workers refusal to deliver BNP leaflets
Social Struggles:
- London Metropolitan University crisis
- Olympics countdown
Local news:
- Haringey Independence Day
International news:
- Vietnamese garment workers wildcat strike
- Indigenous uprising over Amazon development
Anarchist news:
- Interview with Anarchist Movement Conference09 organiser
- Forward Intelligence Team
- Ian Bone column

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re the shit polytechnic

02.06.2009 13:25

London Metropolitan University crisis ??????
loads of dodgy fat useless admin staff and crappity courses. My heart bleeds when the 30 year sell off of this money laundering fortress affects the greedy middle class nimbies, who a lot of us would like to see suffer. The voted and worked for this.. Of course a lot of fat activists think the chav underclass doesn't deserve a life or a reasonable job....

anyone - good magazine - improved a lot of the last couple of years

what crunch

Top work

02.06.2009 15:20

Another excellent issue. It would be really good if you had a proper Freedom Newspaper website, not to archive articles (libcom is ideal for all the better ones already) but the kind of page that promotes the info you've just posted in an attractive way, the current one doesn't cut it.