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Anti-id action in Dover!

east kent AFed | 24.05.2009 22:02 | Bio-technology | Repression | Technology | South Coast

The government is preparing to infringe on our privacy and personal libertys even more by forcing all UK citizens to carry ID cards with your biometric data on that we will have the privilege to pay for. We do not accept this...

There will be a protest outside the planned Dover passport 'interrogation' centre on Saturday 30th May. We are meeting at 12noon outside the office (map link below). Some of us will be wearing the No2ID blank face mask with a barcode on the mouth to represent our loss of anonymity. If you bring a white mask on the day we'll have pens to draw on barcodes. If you want to wear other costumes or bring props all the better.

Defy ID will also be staging a symbolic mock ID card burning as a toast to the police state!


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