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UK Academia Hit By Communications Blockade

Andrew Luke | 15.05.2009 22:41 | Education | Repression

'Name' Service Providers block receipt of emails from all UK University addresses

Microsoft, Comcast, Yahoo and BT are at the centre of a communications blockade to JANET, the research and education network that provides the academic infrastructure to every university within the UK.

According to our source, email from university addresses has been blocked intermittently. At present, Brookes University Oxford have stated that they and JANET have been in contact with the service providers and that "we are working with them." A Brookes spokesperson on attempts to reach Comcast told students, "communication with them, has also proved fruitless."

"Due to the nature of the problem, the recipient never gets the email and the sender never gets it returned." Students have been advised to rely on in-house email, and other methods such as telephone.

"Microsoft have been contacted and provided with relevant information about our own mail server configuration, along with very specific test information. We are still waiting for a response, or requests for further information."

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