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Direct Action; Switzerland, UK, France, Mexico, Australia, Chile & Italy

Liberationists | 14.05.2009 23:50 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Ecology | Social Struggles | Birmingham | World

5th-13th May


Video MCDONALDS ATTACKED IN GUADALAJARA (Mexico) - application/x-shockwave-flash 2.7M



anonymous communique:

"Before visiting the scum of the Novartis headquarters in Basel, Switzerland we went out to a deer farm and cut the fences and opened a big gate so the deer could escape in freedom. These deer could run into freedom, but the animals inside HLS can't. They need all of us to close the hell hole. We will take them straight on.

At around 3am after waiting for Ann Bailey, head of corporate communications of Novartis AG, to finish with her guests we slipped around her house and we painstripped her car and slashed her tyres.

Ann Bailey
[...], Bottmingen

Dr. Erwin Schillinger, director at Novartis AG was next. We poured paintstripper and spraypainted on his car.

Erwin Schillinger
[...], Oberwil

Next scumbag of Novartis AG who had to pay was Michael Pluess. He got the front of his house spraypainted saying 'Novartis SCUM, Drop HLS'. Afterwards we paintstripped the 2 cars in front of his house and slashed some tyres.

Michael Pluess
[...], Therwil

The last murdering scumbag of Novartis AG we visited this night was Giacomo Di Nepi, Head of Transplantation. We walked up the path leading to the house and covered the big white house in slogans.
Better take the message on your wall saying 'Novartis scum Drop HLS, we are watching you ALF' serious. We hid a electronic explosive device somewhere within your property/garden. Better be carefull where you walk.
Lives of animals are being teared apart inside HLS, murderers like you won't get away with it.

Giacomo Di Nepi
[...], 4106 Therwil

The fight continues, we will take every opportunity to bring fear into the lives of the murdering scum of Novartis workers, just like the animals feel fear inside the labs of HLS. Try and stop us Novartis, you can only stop us by stop using Huntingdon Life Sciences."

[...] Personal details removed as per:

Novartis campaign


reported anonymously:

"UK, April 2009.

A dark night in April saw several people descend onto a south-western animal breeding farm. At the back of this farm, piles of dead lambs bodies were rotting, and mothers lay in narrow pens, raped and impregnated. One female sheep was tied around her face onto the bars in front of her, forcing her to stand and not being able to move more than a few inches.

Several lambs had been taken from their mothers and kept in a metal pen ready for the fate man decided for them. We decided to change their fate that night. Instead of feeling the cold hands of the farmer, they felt us lift them to liberation. After taking these beautiful lambs to safety, we disappeared back into the night. We also released a wild bird from the farm that had been caught in a trap.

Some of the lambs were playing and cuddling with us on our journey, sitting in our laps while we stroked and held them. For the first time since their mothers were taken away, they could feel love and compassion. We had given back to them what greedy humans had so desperately tried to take: their lives.

Love and liberation,
A.L.F x"


received anonymously:

"Recently in Bordeaux, France,

Michel Grama, killer, murderer and furrier was the target of activists of the ALF.

Some messages were left on the door of his garage 'Grama= furier= murderer', on the pavement 'ALF hasn't forgotten you' and in the street 'Grama, furier, murderer at number 16'.

Michel Grama and his killer family live at the [...] in Bordeaux France.
He loves that some people call him on the phone at home and at his shop.
He also loves some visits at home, so don't hesitate to tell him what you think about his business of torture and murder.

You can call him at several places:

At home first:

33000 Bordeaux


And two shops:

5 r Michel Montaigne 0033 5 56 48 22 67

bât 3 6 av Gambetta 0033 5 56 83 79 96

ALF will never leave such murderers in peace like you, we hunt them down until the murder is over. ALF never regrets its actions, because they're fair and save innocent animals that are tortured and murdered everyday by killers like you.

Close your shops and we leave you in peace, go on torturing and we'll spoil your life!"

[...] Personal details removed as per:

Previous actions


received anonymously:


"In the early morning hours of Friday, May 8 the social scheme of the anthropocentrist society of our city was broken when compañeros from the FLA decided to attack.
This attack was in honor of all the compañeros who struggle like us to save their world and to those who we save in it.

The attack consisted of destroying all the windows of the establishment so that another compañero could spray gasoline between the playthings which would cause great economic damage.

We have prepared a video of what we did; the video is very poor quality but if you pay attention you will be able to see what happens......



received anonymously:

"Inspired by the RCALB and intensification of social war a Butchers
windows and CCTV were smashed in the South West. Profit from
speciesism and expect militant direct action, camera or no camera.

Destroy oppression for total liberation!"



Media has reported that "ALF" was spray-painted on eight signs advertising Zippos Circus in the town of High Wycombe.


anonymous report:

"On the morning of Wednesday the 8th of May, Ralph's meat exporters
in Melbourne, Australia were again targeted for profiting from the
death and suffering of countless animals. Locks were glued and the
walls were painted, signed 'A.L.F'."

Previous action


received anonymously (translation):

"In the early morning hours of May 7, a cell from the Frente de Liberación Animal was planning to hit two targets in the commercial area of the City of Coacalco in Mexico State, but to our surprise there were already a lot of people around these targets, on their way to monotonous jobs and boring schools. Because of that we decided to postpone our action for another day and to find new targets to attack.

The darkness covered our silhouettes and the moon illuminated our feelings of freedom.

Crossing the avenue we decided to hit a bank, for being one of the icons of the capitalist system, the destroyer of the planet, the animals and humans; we painted an anarchist symbol on their windows and busted a few of them.

Minutes later, we arrived at a McDonald's, the aberrant establishment of junk food which had already been attacked on several occasions last year, by another cell of the FLA in August and by the MDA (Militias for the Rights of Animals) in October. We felt that the employees and the manager had not received enough punishment with the threatening graffiti, the paint poured on their windows and the fake bomb, so we decided to paint 'Our words are not lies' and the symbol of the ALF, and to open one of their windows (which to our surprise was not locked) and break through a gate that protected their computers and other valuable things, to spill enough gasoline to light it on fire.

The beautiful sound of the fire spread throughout the establishment activating the alarm. Surely the McImbeciles thought that, with security systems such as this, they would stop the actions which have been carried out for many years by radical groups and individuals around the world; well they were wrong, they spent money for nothing. Having discussions with the incompetent Coacalco authorities to protect their business of death, having police bastards at their door every night guarding the site, did nothing for them; with one of our easy actions we have shattered their social peace, we have violated their damned private property, we have made a mockery of the 'fast and effective' municipal and state police and we have left our vindicating message: Stop for just a few seconds and see that we have made it all ours!

After the sabotages, the bank as well as the McDonalds were guarded by municipal and state police. We know of the new special groups that are in different municipalities in Mexico State; neither their repressive bodies nor their investigations, nor their surveillance cameras can stop us, we are everywhere. I'm the one that looks at you with hate behind the window of your luxury car, I am the one that watches you arriving at your work, I am the one that you have as a slave in your elegant home doing your household chores, I'm the one who sits in front of you when you travel on the subway or the bus. we are watching your movements and we are not going to stop until you see yourself destroyed by insurrectional violence for total liberation.



received anonymously:

"Barclays, the war is not over until you drop your involvement in HLS and their scummy investors! We took a trip to your high street branch in the East and smashed one of the big windows. It looked pretty shabby the next day with sticky back plastic trying to hold it all together. It must be hard to keep up a reputable image when you deal in so much suffering.

You cost the animals their lives, now you pay the price
Animal Liberation Front"

Barclays campaign


translation of anonymous communique (photos by Luis Pérez /

"In our way of insurrectional violence we have come up against the fascists of SalmónChile and their tempting wooden building that we assumed would burn like a box of matches. They argue that they provide work to hundreds of families in the region and thus contribute to progress, to development and to the well-being of the community. But we all know that it is not like that, that the working conditions are hell, that with their industrial chemicals they are destroying all forms of marine life, that the air is becoming unbreathable and that with their disgusting work they only manage to subjugate and to enslave the people, like any wage labor does.
Where is the dignity when a human being has to use diapers when working in a cold chamber, because the bosses do not stop the line to allow use of the bathrooms. Or when fired. Or when re-contracted with a lower wage after being fired, this as a result of the agreements of the CUT [Central Unitaria de Trabajadores de Chile] leadership and government and big business.

We have also witnessed recently how the government is not simply complicit, but also has directly participated in the continued operation of this industry, assisting it with thousands of millions of pesos so that it does not abandon the country, because of the alleged crisis. But we all know that the interests of the state are not to help us but to continue cheating with our lives, keeping our minds occupied in slavery and satisfied with shitty wages.

We imagine the faces of terror of families who have lost their jobs in the waves of massive layoffs suffered recently. Capitalism, through these companies, has for a long time fed off the lives of people who, with no other possibility for survival, surrendered their energies and their freedom in exchange for a few bucks. Then, when they were no longer useful, it vomited them up as if they were nothing. Today we would like to compare those faces of terror with the confused and indignant faces of the investors when they find their headquarters completely destroyed. Who loses the most, men of capital: all of you or the faceless crowd? Surely it is the latter, but either way it is the beginning of something that surely will be better.

Here is the revenge for so many abuses, here is the response of the people from whom you stole life so many times. You all believed that everything would continue in its course, you were so sure of your stability and power over the common person, but you were wrong.
Now you wait humiliated while your friends in the government try to find us.

Our response to the abuse is violence. And now it is not only our response, but our way of facing up to them day by day. Now we have attacked first. They tremble for their property, tremble for their wealth, tremble for their oppressive past. Loggers, owners of fisheries, large farm owners ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... all wealthy exploiters and tyrants who destroy freedom: you see your tranquility has become unstable.

Men of the state, we know that you will appoint a head to investigate this. We are sure that we have not left any traceable evidence for the dogs of the P.D.I. [Policía de Investigaciones de Chile], but we also know that you will charge someone, anyone, to calm your friends in the capital and so our hatred grows. We see your news every day and we are witnesses to how you accuse and carry out your pathetic set-ups.

Our actions will continue because we are a lot more than what you think we are, we will always be more than what you can envision.
To the police officers: Good little fat ones for the market, we do not fear you, we are very well armed to face you. We are waiting for the opportunity to avenge our brothers who have fallen into your hands. Lemún, Mencos, López, Huentekura, Cisternas, Katrilew, kariqueo, Díaz, ... .. They teach us the way, we need only take their hands and follow them.

We call upon the insurgents, the terrorists (who well understand this passionate term), the subversives, the anarchists, the violent ones, etc. to form action groups, to distrust their own shadows and to light the flame of revolution. We will not continue waiting, it is time to destroy the power, it is time that we write our story, the story, not with the clenched fist, but with our open hands pulling the trigger or activating the wires of the bomb. Propaganda is useful and necessary, but it is not the only front.

To our compañeros held by international fascism, we say: We are with you and we have not forgotten you; our greatest desire is to destroy the prisons and leave all the jailers in a great gym, without their weapons, so that they all can kill each other with their own hands.

To those compañeros in the endless fight for a free Wallmapu we say: Our actions are your actions, we have common enemies and thus the same objective. We support and celebrate every attack against the loggers and the owners of large ranches located in the Wallmapu. Like you we claim violence as a form of direct attack against state and corporate terrorism and call upon all Weichafe Mapuche to continue exercising territorial control, amuleai peñi, amuleai taiñ weichan peñi, wewaiñ.



*note: Chile is the world's second largest exporter of farmed salmon, and the main supplier of salmon to the United States.


anonymous report:

"a large pheasant pen that made up a shooting estate in the UK was totally destroyed. Electric wires cut, fencing cut, poles snapped, water hoppers cut, water pipes burst. A smaller bird cage was also snapped and cut to pieces.

For the Animals! For the Earth!


received anonymously:

"We know that the disgusting Carlos Slim is collaborating with the state to spy on telephone conversations of different activists, that he is an accomplice of the government intercepting emails from different people who the authorities consider dangerous so that they will be arrested and even more to criminalize any struggle in Mexico; that is why Telmex is being fought through economic sabotage and this will continue.

For that same reason we have easily sabotaged 30 phones; the actions are increasing.

A revolutionary greeting to the eco-saboteurs.

Frente de Liberación de la Tierra"

Telmex campaign


translation of anonymous communique:

"In the night of march 31, armed with hammers and crowbars, but most of all with our rage, we managed to open an armored door and get inside a bar and recreation centre for hunters in the quail hunting ground in Albiolo (Como).
In a single minute glass windows and doors, chairs and tables, tv, trophies, coffee machine, microwave oven, cups, glasses, stove and the bar table were smashed into pieces with our hammers in a deafening noise that was music for our hears, the music of revenge for all the innocent victims killed for 'sport'.
The slogans we left behind are a message for these killers, they should be warned that we will hit wherever we can and that hunt victims will never be forgotten.

FA - Fronte Anticaccia (Anti-hunting Front)"


received anonymously:

"anonymous reports indicate that a young piglet has been liberated from a farm near to Worcester. The piglet was carefully taken from the intensive farm during the early hours and rehomed with a loving family.



anonymous report:

"Telmex is one of the most powerful corporations on earth. This company is responsible for the earth being domesticated and dominated, and it contributes to the domination of animals by sponsoring bullfights. Carlos Slim, owner of Telmex, is a capitalist bastard who exploits the earth, animals and humans to make his large fortune grow.
The FLA, aware of these injustices, carried out the sabotage of 15 telephones in the early morning hours of Wednesday, May 6.



reported anonymously:

"The people responsible for the destruction of the earth, for the deforestation of thousands of hectares of jungle in different parts of Mexico and throughout the world, for the urban expansion that eats up all the green spaces so that the anthropocentric human can survive, will receive a response from the Frente de Liberación de la Tierra. We will not remain passive before such situations; the planet, little by little, is decaying. The police bastards, from special, secret agencies set up to combat eco-defense, have not eliminated the ELFers; the Green Scare did not destroy the desire for freedom; in Mexico a new generation was born that is ready to do anything to safeguard all wildlife and to destroy the world that the powerful want, one of alienation and mass manipulation by means of their methods of communication, their press, their standardized schools and their absurd and monotonous jobs.

The flame has not been extinguished, and we demonstrated that in the early morning hours of May 4, in a small town in Mexico State, when we placed an incendiary device in a machine that destroys the earth, which was left unusable; the fire cleans what is bad from the earth, it is you who decides to use it today.

FLT ELF México"


anonymous report:

"We, the Luddites Against the Domestication of Wild Nature, are responsible for the sabotage of dozens of telephone lines by means of small incendiary devices placed in 3 telephone control boxes belonging to the Telmex company, destroyer of the earth, during the last days of April in different towns in the State of Mexico.

We have carried out these attacks with the aim of damaging and destroying civilization's domination of the earth and all its inhabitants.

In truth there has never been a 'last of the luddites'!

Direct attack against anthropocentric domination!"

Luddites camaign


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