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Rossport: 2 people on tripods currently stopping Shell's work in Glenagad

igtgbtt | 14.05.2009 12:35

Shell's attempt to extend their compound onto Glengad beach is halted by tripod action.

2 people suspended on tripods have halted the illegal work being undertaken by Shell at the Corrib Gas landfall site at Glengad in Co Mayo. (Photos to follow.)

This morning, Shell was due to attempt to extend its compound -- which does not have planning permission -- down onto the public beach at Glengad. But at 5a.m., Shell to Sea campaigners blocked access to the beach by erecting two specially-designed tripods, each 20 feet high.

At time of writing (1pm), the two men, were still suspended from the tripods. Gardai and Shell security have not attempted to remove them.

This is the latest action taken by local people to stop Shell's work. Over the past few weeks up to 150 people have attempted to take down Shell's compound fences on several occasions.

Shell are now attempting to complete the compound by extending it down the beach in preparation for the arrival of the Solitaire to carry out offshore pipeline laying. Other boats are already in the bay beginning preparation work for pipe laying.

A camp is being constructed by the beach and people are encouraged to come to Mayo now to help resist Shell's work. There will be a gathering from the 29th may till 1st June. Please come before the gathering to take action.