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Anti-fascist Jews bagel Lieberman party

bubeleh | 12.05.2009 22:10 | Anti-militarism | Anti-racism | Palestine

This evening, anti-fascist Jews targeted a secret Jewish National Fund event where the guest of honour was none other than the fascist Avigdor Lieberman.

At 19:30 this evening around 20 Jews turned up to disrupt and protest against an secret event between the Jewish National Fund (JNF) and the openly racist and completely fascist Israeli foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman. The weapon of choice? Bagels.

The chauffeur driven Rolls Royces made it clear that Avigdor seemed to be meeting some of the top funders of the JNF, who fundraise on behalf of Israel.

Outside the Finchley Road mansion a group of twenty or so Jews, of all ages, caused quite a kerfufel and made it clear that no matter how secretively the Jewish right tries to opperate, Israel's policy towards Palestinians is so abonable that they can't stop leaks to the left.

Three anarchists attempted to get into the party but were foiled by private security guards - the CST or Israeli embassy agents. Many of the aged inflow of guests didn't even mind being called fascists, infact one thought it was a compliment.

Then the anarchists threw bagels at the guards and guests whilst chanting, "Avigdor, Avigdor, come out you fascist!" The idea was to make him choke on a bagel, afterall, Jewish cookery almost killed off Bush when a pretzel stuck itself in his throat, proving that traditional Jewish cookery is inherently anti-fascist.

Next, an anarchist read a poem by the foremost Holocaust surviving author Primo Levy, Song of Those Who Died in Vain, with an obvious addition, whilst standing ontop of a driveway wall. See below for version read (addition marked in caps).

The boring police came along and pushed the crowd across the road, which it did, and then even more obnoxiously carried away each of the protesters, who were by now sitting, so that they was not directly opposite the building. Now they were opposite, but 3m to the left. There were about the same amount of police as protestors. The Police were especially concerned about the 'projectiles' thrown, which who knows, might have actually been the most fearsome thing thrown at the security guards, all of whom were Israeli, and not exactly the types to refuse their draft. But, you never can know.

Avigdor didn't come out, unfortunately. Perhaps he's heard about how a bunch of Jewish anti-fascists smashed in Mosley's knees after WWII, ending the spectre of fascism in Britain for a good part of the century.

Lieberman will be awaiting your protests TWICE tommorow morning (Wed 13 May).

8.30am at the Intercontinental Hotel in Park Lane, Lieberman is speaking at an event hosted by Ron Prosor, Israeli ambassador to the UK.

10.30am-12 noon, Foreign Office, Whitehall, where Lieberman is speaking to the foreign secretary, David Milliband.

And yes, he really, really, really is a fascist. Probably more so than Leonard Zelig.

Primo Levy
Song of Those Who Died in Vain

Sit down and bargain
All you like, grizzled old foxes.
We’ll wall you up in a splendid palace
With food, wine, good beds and a good fire
Provided that you discuss, negotiate
For our and your children’s lives.
May all the wisdom of the universe
Converge to bless your minds
And guide you in the maze.
But outside in the cold we will be waiting for you,
The army of those who died in vain,
We of the Marne, of Montecassino,
Treblinka, Dresden, Hiroshima AND GAZA.
And with us will be
The leprous and the people with trachoma,
The Disappeared Ones of Buenos Aires,
Dead Cambodians and dying Ethiopians,
The Prague negotiators,
The bled-dry of Calcutta
The innocents slaughtered in Bologna.
Heaven help you if you come out disagreeing:
You’ll be clutched tight in our embrace.
We are invincible because we are the conquered,
Invulnerable because already dead;
We laugh at your missiles.
Sit down and bargain
Until your tongues are dry.
If the havoc and the shame continue
We’ll drown you in our putrefaction.



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Lieberman: We must do to Hamas what the US did to Japan

12.05.2009 23:13

Here are two quotes from Avigdor Lieberman. He had made these statements as the leader of the "Israel is Our Home" (Israel Beiteinu) party, two months before becoming Israel's Foreign Minister:

"Israel won't be secure so long as Hamas is in power, and therefore we need to come to a decision that we will break the will of Hamas to keep fighting ... We must continue to fight Hamas just like the United States did with the Japanese in World War II ... Then, too, the conquering of the country was unnecessary."

[Avigdor Lieberman, 13 January 2009]


In the next Knesset [Israeli Parliament], Yisrael Beytenu ["Israel Is Our Home" party] will work toward the legislatation of a citizenship law [...] [which] will obligate everyone to sign a declaration of loyalty to the State, its laws and principles. Those who refuse to sign will be ineligible to vote or run for office. Moreover, Yisrael Beytenu will link one's service in the IDF or civilian service with the degree of benefits to which one is entitled.

[Avigdor Lieberman, 8 January 2009]



[1] Lieberman: We must do to Hamas what the US did to Japan

Jerusalem Post, 13 January 2009

[2] Lieberman: No Citizenship Without Loyalty

Beytenu website, 8 January 2009


dandelion salad
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13.05.2009 10:35

Well done people! Keep up the good work.



14.05.2009 14:25

who are the people in the Rolls Royces ?


What else is new

14.05.2009 19:54

Quite predictably, the anarchist did not see fit to make an addition to the poem in reference to thousands of Israelis (both Jews and Arabs) who were murdered by Hamas terrorists on the streets of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, and elsewhere in Israel. Apparently, in the anarchist's view, those guys either died for a reason or had it coming. What else is new, though.

Someone Else

reply to Someone Else

15.05.2009 18:38

It is sad when any innocent person dies or is injured. But politically, the death of an innocent person at the hands of a powerful establishment is much more dangerous that the death of an innocent person at the hands of a group with no power. That doesn't make the individual suffering any less, but you have to see the bigger picture.

We will always have to live with random attacks and the chance some lone person may kill us, but an authoritarian regime is capable of causing far more damage.



17.05.2009 01:38

thankyou anon, I appreciate your sticking up for me but I don't agree with you entirely. Hamas are an authoritarian organisation, it is true, and they have got innocent blood on their hands - on both sides of the wall. Its important to not reduce the conflict into a goody/baddy situation for obvious reasons.

On the other hand 'someone else' is making some ludicrous quantum leaps of reason when he claims that my use of Levy's poem with the word Gaza in means that I believe that all Israelis who have been murdered "either died for a reason or had it coming. " I can't even imagine what led SE to think that more than a knee jerk response to a criticism of the state of Israel.

I used Gaza because i felt it appropriate within the poem structure and for the occasion. The poem contained an isolated list of massacres, which Gaza after the Chanukah attack falls within.

To say Gaza does not disclude the occurance of any massacres in Tel Aviv, nor does it disclude massacres in the West Bank - in the same way as to say Treblinka does not disclude other Holocaust massacres. If SE takes a look at the poem, s/he might notice the Levy himself actually only mentions massacres perpetrated by the Allies in that part of the poem, that is to say, massacres perpetrated by the victors. For example, he does not mention the Luftwaffen bombing of London - a civilian massacre indeed. So to say Gaza, I would still argue, naturally fits.

LE, i know that antisemtic rhetoric is rife on indymedia uk, it's one reason I personally hardly come to this site any more, but please don't fall into the trap of confusing antisemitism with critiques of Israel - it only further damages a term which is today highly misunderstood.

Lieberman is a fascist, and I say that as a proud Jew.


For the record I should add on to this post that there was one arrest made, quite roughly, at this demonstration. Also, Lieberman only turned up after the demonstrators had left which meant his visit was delayed by over an hour (JC).


Response to Bubeleh

18.05.2009 15:21

"Lieberman is a fascist, and I say that as a proud Jew."

Can the proud Jew back this claim with some facts please? What is it exactly that makes Lieberman a fascist?

I see, mentioning Israeli victims of Palestinian terrorism was not appropriate for a protest aimed at an Israeli minister. May I ask you then when was the last time you did find it appropriate to mention them, or when was the last time you participated in a demonstration against, say, Hamas firing rockets at Sderot?

Someone Else

Reply to Anon

18.05.2009 18:28

"We will always have to live with random attacks and the chance some lone person may kill us"

As far as I know, the only unusual danger you are in is to be hit by a stray bagel from a fellow anarchist. For you to so casually portray yourself as being in the same risk category as people who have lived through years of random rocket attacks and suicide bombings in buses, cafes, and virtually any other imaginable crowded place is beyond hutzpa. But then, what else is new - again.

Someone Else