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Blockade of Colnbrook detention centre– SUPPORT NEEDED

Izza Kizza | 12.05.2009 09:55 | Iraq | Migration

Colnbrook IRC blockaded in attempt to stop the forced deportation of detainee's to Iraq. Support needed now to reinforce blockade.

Today, Tuesday 12th May there is a mass chartered deportation flight to Iraq. Authorities are trying to deport 60 detainees to Iraqi Kurdistan. 40-45 of the total deportee’s are inside Colnbrook detention centre in Heathrow, and we are blockading the road in an attempt to stop the coach full of Iraqi’s leaving for the airport.

Parallel to this, inside the centre, people are protesting and trying to resist being taken onto the coach. 1 detainee, not currently in Colnbrook but who is scheduled to be on the flight is now entering his 13th day on hunger strike.

Some people inside the centre have fresh evidence of persecutions they may face if returned that hasn’t been considered yet. Lots have been here for many years and have families in the UK so this action will force them to be split up.

There are currently 15 of us blockading the road, and we plan to stay until the flight is cancelled. But we won’t be able to stop coach unless more people urgently turn up to support. Please come down.

How to get there: Take tube to Heathrow Terminal 5 then bus 350 to Colnbrook IRC. Contact: 07824 996 724.


Izza Kizza


Blockade removed

12.05.2009 13:55

The blockade was removed, 6 people arrested and I heard the deportees have now been taken out the detention centre. Sorry I don't have more precise news yet.

one of no borders


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Well done!

12.05.2009 17:13

Congratulations and best wishes to everyone involved in this brave action! Keep us informed of any developments.

Gregory "Huguenot" Beetle