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Ugernt, westminster blockade happening now.

Concerned | 11.05.2009 10:58

Recently the Sri lankan government agreed to cease shelling the safe zone, yet reports are comming out of thousands killed over the weekend.

Thousands of Tamil protesters are holding the streets around parliment. Please get down there and support.



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11.05.2009 12:57

Wht don't eveyone everywhere attack the fucking sri lankan emabassies???


Toronto Tamil Protests Continue

11.05.2009 13:36

in Toronto, protests continue today, (Monday) after blocking a major highway yesterday evening. Canadian political leaders of the Liberal and NDP have promised to raise the issue in Parliament. Demos continue at Queen's Park Ontario Legislature and at the Sri Lankan consulate. Police have blocked off the area surrounding the US consulate on University Avenue.

johnny canuck

photos and updated news on london indymedia

11.05.2009 13:43

up to date news from the square at

tamils resisting police peacefully at 2pm

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