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Horse Jumping Deaths: Melbourne,Australia

Zagovor | 08.05.2009 03:41 | Animal Liberation | World

Melbourne, Australia is the only Australian State to have horse jumping races (like the Grand National). Many horses have been killed in the opening weeks of the racing season this year. The State government has temporarily suspended the racing. If you care for these horses do everything you can to protest against the racing industry and Victorian governing elites.

Horse racing in Australia is a typical capitalist industry, it doesn't care about the suffering it inflicts on other living things and the environment. In fact it glorifies that suffering and destruction. Owners and trainers of racing horses receive money from the government not matter how slowly the horses perform. This ensures the continuing viability of this blood-money so-called "sport". Victoria is the only state that has jumps horse racing. Victoria is the "top-of-the-table" state when it comes to encouraging cruelty and destruction in the name of the "economy".

If you are against the blood-sport culture of modern governments then you can make a difference by targeting the Victorian government. Economic sabotage of this government is open to you. Direct confrontation against Victorian major events. These include: granprix motor sport, tennis world matches, melbourne horse racing cup, AFL football, soccer (tell fulham not to play in melbourne). Such events raise profits that are distributed to other organizations such as horse racing. Take action now, with sufficient force to make a difference.

Don't let Takeover Target run in England until the Victorian Government bans jumps racing.

Horse killed this week: Hassle, Pride of Westbury, ClearviewBay




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