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Berlusconi's misterious teen speaks out. Full interview.

mazzetta | 06.05.2009 16:22 | Analysis | Culture | Repression | World

This interview with mrs Noemi Letizia (18) has sparkled mr Berlusconi's wife reaction and her decision to divorce.

It's fairly odd, but since it's been published on Corriere del Mezzogiorno on april 29th, this interview has simply disappeared from Italian media. Only Papi (Daddy) was soon adopted nd joined the rich gallery of mr Berlusconi's definitions.

No one dared to ask him about the kind of relation he has with the girl, wether she's his daughter or wether, as his wife suggested, he had sexual intercourses with the girl. In this case the issue would be very hot because she was minor (In Italy under 18 years) when the facts took place, during the last two years at least.

One week later he's been allowed to fight back saying that nothing happened at the girl's party, that's not clearly the point, easily evading any further curiosity, because nobody in the press dared to ask more, or straight, nor oppositions did.

We are in a strange situation, in which you can suspect him either having a secret daughter or being a pedophile and nobody asks about it.
The whole focus is kept on his fight with his wife, while he's claiming the presence of plot against him and his absolute innocence. Meanwhile he has lied in order to assert he knows Noemi's father since longtime, when the lie was discovered he backpedaled saying he never said it and pouring another confused explanation.

Note: mr Berlusconi has never commented this interview, nor has never denied any of Noemi's following sentences, so we have to believe they're true as genuine is the whole interview. Most of Italian people actually has never heard about this interview or read it, or heard someone reporting on it.

Italian media are a shame, we are ranked a “partly free” country when it comes to information, the one in the whole Europe. I think this episode and this interview can explain perfectly our “problem” to our fellow European brothers and sisters.

I translated the whole interview (feel free to correct it), whose original is in

Feel free to share and/or translate in other languages too

Noemi, do you call president Berlusconi “Papi”?
“Yes, for me he's like a second father, he's grown me up

Did you ever met any of Berlusconi's sons?
“No, never, even if he keeps on saying I remind him Barbara, his daughter. She's studying in America now.”

How did your friendship developed?
“He's a friend of my family, my parent's friend”. “Say”, comes her mother Anna,”my husband met him during the Socialist party golden age”. “But we cannot say nothing more”

Not all pretty girls are allowed to have mr. President at their birthday party.
“You're right, i wasn't waiting for him. It's been a real surprise. Nor I told around about such a strong friendship with Papi Silvio. Nobody was going to believe me. Now everybody's seen it...”

What did he gave you as a present?
“A gold necklace with a pendant.”

Has Berlusconi ever been to your birthday's parties before?
“No, but I never lacked his attentions. Once, I remeber, he gave me a small diamond. Another time a small necklace. In the end, each time he's plenty of attention to me.”

Is your father jalous?
“Not at all. He's very devoted to Papi Silvio.”

And your mother?
“Not at all”, answers mrs Anna “being jalous about whom, about Silvio?"

In her room, framed, there's a Berlusconi's picture signed “ To Anna, with my best wishes – november 20, 2008- Silvio Berlusconi.”

Noemi, do you attend the fourth year in an advertising school ?
“Yes, the “Franceso Nitti in Portici, I'm the best of the class. My literature's teacher says i invented the “Leatitian method”: I've big expressive skills. I like to study very much.”

Nitti, do you know him?
“Nitti...Nitti... we have studied him at school...”

He's been a great southern and chief of the government
“Oh, yes.”

What are your plans for future?
“The showgirl. I studied ballet, since I was 6. Now I'm learning to be a tourist guide. I'll work in Naple's Duomo during the Maggio dei monumenti. I'm interested in politics too. I'm ready to seize any opportunity, 360°, but I'll never compromise.”

Do you know that Berlusconi raised scandal when he tried to candidate showgirls and beauties to the European Parliament?
“He's right, he tries to have more young people. Then, if Papi thinks in this way, you can bet there's no mistake. He chooses these girls because they're bright and skilled. Not because they're beauty. My battle-cry in politics will be “Less taxes, more controls!”. We have to end up with people who don't follow rules.”

You want to become a showgirl and then to go with politics. What about studying?
“Papi Silvio keeps on saying me that the first to do is studying. Do you know he's founded a university in Milan? Next year i'd like to attend it. I'll choose political sciences.”

Noemi, did you make a short film too?
“It's title is Scaccomatto. It's been shown in Venice in december. I'm a girl engaged with a politician. It's alla about mafia, intrigues and hunting a diamond.”

Very up to date issues. Do we go back to Berlusconi?
“I adore him. I keep him company. He calls me, he says he has some free time and I join him. I listen to him. And that's what he wants from me. Then we sing together.”

Which songs?
“I don't remeber his preferred song: wait that I check his Cds. I've his whole collection. is that...”Mon amour lalala”

Which are your bests?
“I like italian music. Not classics. My favourite singers are Laura Pausini, Tiziano Ferro, Nek. Then there's the theme of “Scugnizzi”, that I often sing with Papi Silvio playing piano or with karaoke.”

Can you tell me which is your favourite joke between the many Berlusconi is used to tell?
“There are two ministers from Prodi government who travel to Africa, on a desert island and they're captured by a local tribe. The chief asks them: Do you wan to to die or bunga-bunga? The first chooses bunga-bung and they rape him. The second minister doesn't esitate and answers he wants to die. The chief replies: Ok, first we bunga-bung, then you die.”

During relaxing moments, what does he tell you?
“He does a lot for people. He's the number one politician. He never sleeps. I couldn't have his life. When I reach him he has always his desk submerged by papers. He says he would be on a boat and just read. Sometimes he's very deluded on being judged badly.
I cheer him, I explain him that who's judging him badly can't see over his nose. Nobody can imagine how sensitive is Papi. Think that I've been so close to him when, recently, his sister Maria Antonietta died.
I told it was only me who could understand his pain.”

“I lost my brother Yuri seven years ago, in a street accident. Now he's my guardian angel.”

Noemi, which soccer team do you like?
“I'm patriotic, I'm for Napoli. Then my second team is Milan”

Noemi, when will we see you in politics, at next regional elections?
“No, I'd rather run for the parliament, Papi will think about it.”

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One small point..

06.05.2009 17:24

"being a pedophile and nobody asks about it"

The alleged relationship may be inappropriate but it doesn't make him a paedo – children are under 16's regardless of laws.

Otherwise interesting article.



06.05.2009 17:47

She says he has grown up her, who knows since when?
On a spanish tv they called him viejo verde, which stands for pedo
I think this is why he has to clarify things.



06.05.2009 18:27

Nice to have such a prime minister



07.05.2009 09:02

Certainly a inappropriate relationship, no matter what else it is.

az: The alleged relationship may be inappropriate but it doesn't make him a paedo – children are under 16's regardless of laws.

A paedophile (paedorast) is someone who sleeps with/desires pre-pubescent children. Age has nothing to do with it.



07.05.2009 09:14

By 16, you would have thought she'd have hit puberty. It has quite a lot to do with age.


paedononces make your keyboards smell of hammers.

07.05.2009 12:39

It has nothing to do with age. It has to do with when people have gone through puberty. For some people that is ~10 and for others it is ~15.

Being a paedorast has NOTHING to do with age and everything to do with physical development.

As you say, at 16 the chances are incredibly high that she will have passed puberty.

That doesn't stop it being inappropriate


in Italy it's a crime

07.05.2009 13:37

consistent with the recent law against paedos this kind of sexual realtion is a crime, no matter if her pube is ready or not

below 16 years of age, when the partner is +18 and has any kind of "power or influence" due to his role or charge or else, Italian law considers it a rape against a minor


a small point and a bigger point

08.05.2009 15:28

"viejo verde" in spanish means "dirty old man" - an older man who lusts after younger women - not a pedophile. "old goat" would be roughly the equivalent in english. Yeats was one:

"How can I, that girl standing there,
My attention fix
On Roman or on Russian
Or on Spanish politics?
But oh that I were young again
And held her in my arms."

Whatever. He was a heterosexual male, and subject to the biological urges that we all experience. Personally, I hope to be still admiring young women when I'm 70, since if I'm not it's probably because I'll have lost the will to live. Doesn't mean I'll enter into a dubious relationship with one in which the balance of power is clearly unequal...

a much more important point - it seems utterly pathetic to me that people are criticising this fucking scumbag Berlusconi on the basis of a (possibly dubious) sexual relationship when his entire life is devoted to grabbing and wielding illegitimate power. Of course, we don't know the details - if she was underage, then it could be a way to bring him down, which would be all to the good. But it's fucking pathetic that it couldn't be done any other way.