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Timeline for SmashEDO Mayday!Mayday! Street Party

imc dispatch | 04.05.2009 10:03 | Smash EDO | South Coast

15:16: Police attempted to cordon a group at multi-storey carpark on Whitecross Street, were outfoxed. Protestors simply streamed through a carpark onto Trafalgar Street, massing behind the police lines and kettling them in. Police reinforcements running up Trafalgar road to rescue their kettled collegues. Now march is near Pelham Square heading towards St. George's Place.

14:52: March now at viaduct on London Road - heading back towards the city.

14:45: March got through police lines on Cleveland Terrace and withstood baton charges on Stanford Avenue. One snatch arrest reported on corner of Cleveland Road and Stanford Avenue.

14:38: March has moved into Lucerne Road from Chester Terrace

14:30: March on Preston Drove moving away from park being pursued by riot police.

14:26: People reported to be moving across the park - reports that park is surrounded by police.

14:21: March now in Preston Park.

14:02: March now on Preston Road. Line of police vans protecting the Royal Bank of Scotland - short shield officers now following the demo

14:02: Some marchers moving into Vere Road off Ditchling Road.

13:57: March is on Ditchling Road where reports suggest police have blocked the road. Reported that some marchers are turning down the hill back towards the city.

13:48: Police Horses are being forced away by thrown objects

13:47: March reunited at Druids Arms - North End of Level - reports are that march is very responsive and police are being outfoxed.

13:44: March seems to have been split - part of march being pushed towards the Level - front of march still heading up London Road - riot officers employing short shields

13:37: Police horses forcing marchers off the pavement outside McDonalds after cans were ineffectively thrown at McDonalds - police van being rocked and sprayed by the crowd - red flare under police van - riot police appear and baton charge protestors

13:30: March is heading to London road on Trafalger Street- earlier on a police cctv got sprayed and drove off - 'Smash bombs, dodge batons, bring the war home!' banner being displayed - estimated crowd now into the 1000's

13:20: March has reached Brighton Station

13:00: March reported to be moving up North Street, past the clock tower towards the station

12:55: Estimated now 500 - 600 people - lots of red flags - militant bloc at front - fluffier at the back - lots of leaflets being given out - riot vans at the back and front

12:48: Street Party now reaching Barclays on North Street

12:42: Street Party is on the move - about 500 people now - moving towards the City Centre/North Street

12:32: 8 police horses reported to be near roundabout.

12:30: Report that Fit Watch and others have driven FIT and police from the roundabout - a samba band has moved in

12:10: Sound system on roundabout - traffic stopped in one direction - people dancing in the streets

12:01: Mayday Mayday banner hung at the pier - about 200 people there - roundabout shut off - kids bloc en route - police being very hands off present

11:40: Meetup location announced - the aquarium roundabout by the pier

11:35: Critical Mass is on the move

11:13: Police presence at Critical Mass includes two police horses, Evidence Gathering Teams and a number of vans

11:08: 40 to 50 cyclists meeting up at Brighton Station for Critical Mass with two sound systems

10:30: SmashEdo Radio begins broadcasting on 101.4fm

imc dispatch


Another Timeline

04.05.2009 12:45

The lasthours twitter is being updated more regularly & from on the demo!

Smash Em

And Another Timeline

04.05.2009 13:54

A regularly updated timeline from the local paper The Argus includes a short video:

Smash Em


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