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William Johnstone HMP Glennochil Condition Worsens

George Coombs | 02.05.2009 15:39 | Repression | World

William's situation worsens by the day and all down to neglect of his needs - his latest hunger strike is a further cry for help that again is met with a callous indifference all to typical of the way prisoners are treated

William has now been on a further hunger strike for over thirty days and this is linked, again, to the constantly unsatisfactory and neglectful nature of the health care at Glennochil Prison where he is housed with John Bowden and others. His condition is becoming increasingly weaker and reliable sources inform me his death may be imminent. William has a crippling spinal condition and has a steel rod in his spine and is in constant agony with this. Not untypically there has been no assistance and I gather "they are letting him kill himself." Williams number is 15541 and the address of the prison is
HMP Glenochil
FK10 3AD
If anyone would like to write to the governor concerning this it would be Good, his name is Dan Gunn -one can easily find the telephone number, i don't have it to hand, and loads of other information if anyone weants it is easily found on the internet.
William's condition and the implications behind it are obviously extremely serious

George Coombs


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