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Police Admit Assault and Battery

Indymedia watcher | 29.04.2009 22:08 | Workers' Movements | Zapatista | World

Three years after the events, the Police admit that they were responsible for the Assault and Battery of protestors in London. To the Tune of £85,000

Quietly, to avoid comparisons with their recent escapades, London police from the Saville Row Police station have admitted their liability for the criminal acts of Assault and Battery at a public demonstration in 2006. The demonstration was in protest at the murder of Brad Will in Oaxaca, Mexico. The police responded to a Samba band and the Projection of a film onto the Mexican Embassy with obstruction and, eventually, Assault and Battery of several protestors.

It might well just be a repost from the BBC, but the truth is the events of 2006 show a continued, calculated use of a range of tactics against protest. The London Police have form for bad behaviour.

It also shows, nobody can rely on the mainstream media for long term coverage. The BBC fails to explain the context of the payout and so, once again, reinforces the press image of protestors as opportunists.

Indymedia watcher


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otro mundo es posible

30.04.2009 07:45

Good. And lets hope that the para-mili-pigs in Oaxaca get what's coming to them sooner rather than later

otro mundo es posible