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Mayday in Brighton mobile updates on Last Hours

Last Hours | 27.04.2009 11:44 | Smash EDO | Analysis | Social Struggles | South Coast tested a new feature of the site over the G20 protests. We sent mobile updates live to the site cataloging the days events as they happened.

This not only provided the opportunity for people not attending to find out what was happening as it happened from an anti-authoritarian perspective but also aided in analysis and evidence gathering after the events.

So this Mayday Monday members of our collective will be heading to join the celebration organised by the Smash EDO campaign in Brighton.

The mobile updates will again be implemented with photographs and written reports to follow.

We are not part of the so called 'Paparazzi Bloc'. Our interests are not focused on commerce but instead on social change.

Not everyone holding a camera is the enemy.

To view the updates you can vist the site on the day or follow via twitter.

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I got a clue!!!!

27.04.2009 12:19

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