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BEWARE! The importance of NO COMMENT whilst under caution by the police!

Netcu Watch | 24.04.2009 14:05 | G20 London Summit | Animal Liberation | Anti-militarism | Free Spaces

I know it has been said before but making comments under caution helps convict people every day. Have some sense and respect for your fellow protesters / friends / comrades / family etc who might be implicated by anything you say whilst under police caution.

More detailed Info here

Remember you wouldn't be in an interview if they had all the evidence they need to convict they are relying on you dropping yourself and others in the shite!

It is however worth making a short statement at the start of the interview which says.

"I , deny all accusations and will be remaining silent for the remainder of this interview."

That way if it goes to court they cannot say you didn't deny the accusations and they won't make inferences that you are guilty.

One thing that is not mentioned enough is that accepting a caution from police is an admission of guilt and will go on your record, if you accepted a caution it may affect your life in many ways especially if you are seeking a job as a carer or working with the vulnerable etc. Think before you throw away your rights to get out of the cells quicker. Sometimes it is worth going to court rather than trying to take the easy way out. Get a good solicitor that you trust and never use a duty solicitor.

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