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Repression Cafe' at RamART thursday 23rd April. 8 pm

rampart cafe' | 21.04.2009 19:55 | G20 London Summit | Repression

Repression Cafe' at RamART thursday 23rd April.

g20 and int. solidarity videos, pictures and discussion

>> food - 8pm, film start at 9pm sharp.

>> On Thursday 23rd April the regular cafe of the RampART social centre
>> will be about "Repression”. We will be cooking some vegan food and
>> delicious cakes just to try to forget about the violence and
>> repressive methods that the police (and some journos) have been using
>> against all of us during the G20 protests.
>> We will be projecting some VIDEOS and PICTURES from the G20 repression
>> machine. There will be also some "international solidarity videos”
>> about social movements in times of the corporate police state.
>> In between the screenings we will be holding an open panel discussion,
>> so, please, come along and participate.
>> Please read our reflections 'A RESPONSE TO THE G20 RAIDS':
>> If you want a brief glimpse of the "Big Brother” F.I.T. Team, just
>> watch this SKY news "report” inside the police cordon at the Earl
>> Street Convergence Space raid.
>> food - 8pm, films start at 9pm sharp.

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