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Peter Power's "Spooky Coincidence" - Google blocks public domain 7/7 film

Tony Gosling | 21.04.2009 00:49 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Anti-racism

Despite repeated calls from the families of victims and survivors there has still been no enquiry into the London Bombings of July 7th 2005. The tragic events of that day have therefore been shrouded in doubt and confusion. With the absence of inquests the rule of law appears to have been suspended for this bomb attack which killed just over 50 innocent Londoners.

The film is simply called BT London Bombings - and it's unfortunately just too big to get on to indymedia
It's certainly the most enigmatic of all the films produced about the vile and bloody attacks of that day ... which have gone almost entirely uninvestigated.
Researchers, survivors, religious leaders and the families of the victims are all calling for a thorough parliamentary enquiry which is being expressly denied by Britain's political leaders.
Could that be because some research exposes the possible role of the Israeli Defence Force (IDF), through a company called Verint Systems and it's CEO Daniel Bodner, which had for six months before 7/7, despite being embroiled in serious fraud scandals still has, access to the London Underground network through its private security contract?
So far the suggestion that the London bombings may not have been carried out by four crazed Muslims using home made explosives, but by a foreign military power which wanted to galvanise British support behind its expansionist plans in the Middle East has been one of the London Business, media & political community's darkest taboos.
There has also been the recent revelation on Mike Rudin's BBC Conspiracy Files blog that the exercises being carried out that morning at the same three tube stations were commissioned by a firm which, until a few years ago, were running one of Britain's most controversial arms fairs, the ExCel arms fair in Docklands. Reed Elsevier had a very close relationship with the world's most powerful Private Military Companies (PMCs) but were forced by their shareholders and editorial staff at The Lancet, which they also own, to divest themselves of this arms fair where torture equipment was being marketed.

There are several versions of the film which was released anonymously via Bit Torrent in the weeks following the attacks.
Google have so far refused to say who requested the film be taken down, or why.
All the material appears to be within the category of 'fair use' copyright law.

The film is now available here on Blip TV

Version 4.1 is a high quality version duration approx 31 minutes
Version 6 is a lower quality version of the film which comes out at about 36 minutes

You can watch version 4.1 here
or not here

version 6 here

BT London Bombings
Remarkable early internet on screen commentary film which came out only weeks after the attacks and was frequently updated. Looks through a long series of diverse evidence that the later, more polished documentaries do not and which has apparently been entirely missed by Scotland Yard.
Producer: anonymous

"The maintenance of secrets acts like a psychic poison which alienates the possessor from the community" Carl Jung

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