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Call Out -- Day or Night

Tamil at Parliament Square | 20.04.2009 19:19 | SOCPA | Anti-militarism | Repression | Terror War | South Coast | World

Hunger Strike -- Day 14 going into Day 15


Blockade of highway and parliament as there are about 1497 civilians reported killed 1/3 of them children! today as the Sri Lankan Army tried to "capture" civilians who wish to remain outside the control of the Genocidal Sinhaleese dominated army.

Police ordering people off the street as of 30 min ago . People staying put.
Come help by being witnesses to what could otherwise happen in the dark with street lights shut out (remember Westminster bridge two weeks ago on Tuesday morning)

The demands put forward by Parameswaran, 28 from Mitcham are as below:

1) Immediate and permanent ceasefire

2) Food and medical aid should be allowed to reach the civilians immediately with international monitoring committees and allow “Mercy Mission to Vanni”

3) UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, arrange to meet our representatives.

3) Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam are our sole representatives and UK government should lift the ban on LTTE.

4) UN should call for an immediate referendum to the Tamils regarding whether they want separate nation or to remain as Sri Lanka.

What you can do ...

1) is still far away . Turn up and show support to the ongoing action. THe ceasfire is being pressurised for through one of the five permanent security council members of the UN, UK.
Also UK has historical connections with Sri Lanka. Cricket apart, the queen was the head of Ceylon until 1972 when Sri Lanka was formed through a republican constitution, byb the majority community, unilaterally. The royal military connections still continue!
2) Needs your help. The square is the best place to make contacts with those who are doing something about the lack of medicine and food.
3) Des Browne was appointed special envoy by Gordon Brown but was rejected by Sri Lanka last month. He is apparently going to the UNO soon with the other other hunger striker who broke off his fast conditionally.
4) This is also far away and the Tamils will leave the UK alone and concentrate on the UNO.

Come along and make friendships and stand in solidarity.

Parliament square.
Nearest tube : Westminster!

Tamil at Parliament Square