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CALL OUT: Resist the bailiffs at Justice Not Crisis squat

JNC | 20.04.2009 18:28 | Culture | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | Birmingham

Justice Not Crisis is set to lose their latest five squats; the houses on Pershore Road and, more importantly, the Beechwood Hotel, Birmingham; 22 rooms that could be housing 22 of Birmingham's thousands of homeless. We need all the help we can to resist the eviction tomorrow.

At 0900 hours on Tuesday 21st April 2009 bailiffs will attempt to evict members of Justice Not Crisis from 310, 312, 314 and 318 Pershore Road, followed immediately after at 11AM, an attempted eviction at the Beechwood Hotel, Bristol Road.

We intend to resist evictions at all five properties and will stage a roof-top demonstration at the Beechwood Hotel. We require as much support and assistance as possible, and a briefing will take place at the Beechwood Hotel at 0800 hours on Tuesday 21st April. Press and media have already indicated they will be attending the Beechwood to cover our resistance of the bailiffs' eviction.

Anyone wishing to join us this evening/night for our barbecue and drink is welcome. Rooms will be available for anybody wishing to stay. Further information can be obtained on 07874180014

Updates to the days events will appear on our website throughout the day Tuesday 21st April.

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