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27 May: A Die-in for NATO's Victims in Afghanistan

Voices UK | 20.04.2009 10:10

On the 2nd anniversary of the attack on the wedding party at Haji Nabu, in which 47 civilians were killed by US bombing.

Meet 11 am at Northwood tube station (Metropolitan line), London for a procession to the gates of Britain’s military nerve centre (and NATO Regional Command).

Wear wedding clothes.

We all ran into our houses and later the jets arrived. They dropped one bomb and it hit a wall and demolished it. Dust and dirt went everywhere. Then they dropped another and it destroyed our house … It was meant to be a wedding and at these events you expect happiness, dancing and to see your relatives. You don’t expect your daughters to be killed for no reason” - Haji Abdul Satar, whose daughters Najeba (9) and Fatima (10) were killed in the US attack on Haji Nabu on 27 May 2007


On 27 May 2007, forty-seven Afghan civilians were killed when a US war plane bombed a wedding party in Afghanistan. Thousands more have been killed by US/NATO forces since the 2001 invasion.

The use of air power, and the human carnage it causes, is central to the occupation of Afghanistan. As one senior NATO official explained: “[W]ithout air, we’d need hundreds of thousands of troops.”

A BBC poll published on 13 November showed that 68% of people in Britain think all British troops should be withdrawn from Afghanistan within 12 months.


....on Wednesday 27 May 2009 for an act of nonviolent civil disobedience at Britain’s military nerve centre in Northwood, demanding an end to the bombing and the withdrawal of all British troops from Afghanistan.

Action organised by Voices UK, JNV and the London and Oxford Catholic Workers, and supported by CND.

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