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Obama boycotts UN racism summit (by Latuff)

Latuff | 19.04.2009 19:27 | University Occupations for Gaza | Anti-racism | Palestine | Terror War | World

Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of the brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed IsraHell's state terror.

Obama: Racism Conference Attacks Israel
Obama: Racism Conference Attacks Israel

The Obama administration quietly announced this weekend that it would boycott United Nations international conference about racism and discrimination because of concerns that the conference unfairly singles out Israel for criticism...

Based on the Thomas Nast cartoon, "Worse than Slavery", published in Harper's Weekly, October 24, 1874:

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not so quiet

19.04.2009 20:52

they weren't really quiet about it. australia, germany, netherlands, italy etc also boycott the conference. the uk will send some diplomats despite concerns. Some countries led by Iran (whose president has hosted a holocaust denial conference and who will be a key speaker on the first day) are pushing for an agenda were criticism of Islam, Sharia law and Mohammed are classified as racism. this should prevent such cartoons as printed in danish newspapers in 2005.


free speach is are a ZINEIST PLOT!!!11!!1

20.04.2009 09:12

good i'm glad we shodetn hav free speach, there should be a steady diet of holocaust cartoons every day to challenge so called freadumb cos it justifies islamophboobooboboboboboboboboboooooooobia1! and they should make iran predisetn of the world, and palestinianananananansns the prime ministor. Viva Palestina! Hail victory! (wooops worra giveaway)



20.04.2009 11:11

Hating Jews, like Latuff does, is still RACISM.



20.04.2009 14:04

latuff doesn't hate jews, he hates the military/industrial/legal apparatus of the state of israel and he hates zionists,the last time i looked you didn't have to be either or involved in either to be a jew. zionists need to get their story straight, everytime we talk about the region, they declare themselves to be supportive or part of the only secular democracy in the middle east, and then in the next breath declare israel to be a "jewish state", not particularly secular or democratic. latuff hates hypocrisy, murderous intent, racism, violence, the internalised facist etc, qualities that most of the common or garden zionist's i've met have in droves. carry on mr latuff your "uncle tom" obama always serves to make me smile in the morning!


Zionists are RACISTS!

21.04.2009 10:39

The former and current colonial powers boycotted the speech by the Iranian Prime Minister. Why?
Tell me what was exactly said that was offensive or not true? Israel is a racist state. Israel is an Apartheid state. Don't believe me then let us examine the laws and their discriminatory treatment of NON JEWS!
From Immigration, Land, Housing, Jobs, Votes etc. etc.
The stunt pulled by the 23 european countries does not change the facts! These 23 countries don't represent the voice of millions who oppose Israel's treatment of non Jews!
The zionists don't want peace. They don't want dialogue. They don't want debate. They fear the truth because it shows their ugly policies and behaviour.
I don't think crying "anti semite, holocaust, 6 million dead, we the jews are persecuted ones" will help them any more. The world is sick of their excuses for their violent and vicious actions!
The zionist scums come out in force to defend their sickening behaviour!

Zionists Exposed