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IF NOT NOW WHEN? | 19.04.2009 19:16 | Repression | World

The SWP has taken advantage of the political vacuum left by anarcho-inactivity and set up its own Justice For Ian Tomlinson campaign grafting on its usual cronies in the Muslim Association of Britain and Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Meanwhile the ANARCHIST are invisible - failing to take advantage of te biggest anti-police feeling for decades.

If the trots have taken over the campaign, it’s being served even worse by them than usual. Hvaeing seen the protest outside Scotland Yard then the protest outside the City of London Police HQ - both had pisspoor attendances.

There is a choice. ANARCHIST can leave this important matter in the hands of the effete and ineffectual trots, or they can take on the challenge. If they leave this alone, then the trots will make a bollox of it like they do with everything. The trots weren’t fucking there on 1 April - ANARCHIST was - and it’s a fucking insult, not only to poor Mr Tomlinson’s family, but also to those who were out, that they (the trots) have got their hands on this campaign without any difficulty.

If the ANARCHIST continue the way there going, they also leave the campaign very much in the fickle hands of the media. It’s time for the ANARCHIST movement (if there is one?) to now stand up and be counted. Not just for Ian Tomlinson. But also for the hundreds of people assaulted by the police on 1 and 2 April, and for the people who’ve suffered at the hands of the police over the years. The police are very rarely in this position, of being on the run.

Trots with their sycophantic,crocodile tears for the family and friends of the deceased, or,us outside the hearing with the guillotine from the Movement Against Monnerchy demo planted fairly and squarely right in front of a thousand aANARCHIST and friends screaming for our own justice.

And what about the thousands of other people of police thuggery that coped it on the streets of brutal Britain; why can’t we open a forum for these people to air their experience,and direct them straight to the biggest anti Police movement/march for decades.This is a chance for us to meet working class victims of the police and importantly for us,to air some of our own alternatives to the Police ,such as ’self control’ of working class areas.

Another golden opportunity for The so called ANRCHIST movement to kick a goal-if we stand up and go public. What about a campaign of leaflets(similar to the build up leafleting to the G20 conference) urging people who have suffered at the hands of the cops.This is us walking into estates and meeting real people and inviting them and their raw working class experience to a meetings.

Its also ANOTHER opportunity to ask the so called, ANARCHIST movement,what are our REAL alternatives to the cops. Do we have any? Or are they going to continue to call for “Demolish the Prisons” and “Abolish the Police”…..and other empty sloganeering. Most importantly,what about real,street level payback for Ian Tomlinson…..we are sure that ‘7000 strong ANARCHIST Batallion’ in Europe would do more than throw a tantrum over a murdered comrade

The trots here are simply doing what Trots always do - taking over a campaign for their own ends, if they continue to hold the reins, they will lead the wagon into a tree. ANARCHIST on the other hand must show their own values in any response, not just ape the Trots. Already ANARCHIST are uinmasking those cops who were witnesses or accomplices to the Tomlinson assault and the dog attack on Threadneedle Street and the Climate Camp clearance on Bishopsgate.

Anarchists are working hard to ascertain the command and control of the G20 policing operation, right down to frontline orders. The future viability of the FIT and the doctrine of political policing as developed over the past ten years and more is at stake. Experienced FIT officers may well be shown to be directly and undeniably culpable; those higher up the food chain might potentially fall.

ANARCHIST have been leading by example and not trusting to the IPCC or the ‘normal channels’, (at a time when much of the general public shares that mistrust), choosing instead to investigate openly, and share findings publicly - names, faces, actions, responsibilities, all outlined. If all you do is ‘protest’ our horror, then you shall only follow in the wake of others.

If they instead to ‘demonstrate’ how we feel killer cops should be treated, by rooting out them and their three-monkeys colleagues, by exposing the whole rotten system from top to bottom, by offering real, practical ways of dealing with genuinely anti-social crime, then they lead by example. If not us, who? If not now, when? Ian Tomlinson was killed because they thought he was one of us. We owe it to him, to his family, to his friends, to make sure that the cops don’t get away with it.

So we repeat here and agree - to keep the momentum going - Sir Paul Stephenson addresses the first full meeting of the MPA since Ian Tomlinson’s death at 10 am April 30th City Hall. We must be there in the public gallery and outside to kettle him. It’s the very least we can do. BE THERE!


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