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Police unlawfully arrest teen then refuse to take witness statements

Dave | 18.04.2009 10:08 | Animal Liberation | Repression | Birmingham

During a regular demo outside Barclays Birmingham (due to their support for Huntingdon Life Sciences) a group of teenagers came to find out what the demo was about. The police were called, they arrested one teenager for alleged criminal damage (kicking the door of Barclays) which he didn't do, then refused to take details of bystanders who were witnesses to the non-crime.

This was a blatant attempt by the police to harass the teenagers who were eager to find out more about Barclays links to HLS (which has been exposed countless times for routine cruelty to animals) and yet another attempt to stop the campaign against HLS.

After the teenager was arrested, the police refused to take details or statements from the many bystanders who had witnessed the demo and the non-crime.

The police then seized the videotape of the action in an attempt to stop the truth being shown.

The video link below shows the police refusing to take witness details/statements and then telling the demonstrators lies - ie that the use of a megaphone on a demo is illegal under the Public Order Act.

Two complaints have been sent to the IPCC - one for the non-taking of witness details and the other for lying about the use of a megaphone being illegal under the Public Order Act.

The video of the arrest and illegal acts by the police can be seen here :

SHAC report of the demo available here :



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