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Indymedian | 18.04.2009 00:10 | Climate Chaos | Other Press | Repression

More attention has been drawn to the urgency of climate action and the need to to defend the right to protest against police excesses by the 'failed protest' than if it had gone ahead.

Notts Indymedia is clearly the first port of call for news and comment on the ongoing situation, however it may also be helpful to keep the subject in the public eye through other media.

Other journalists should have the integrity to acknowledge Notts Indymedia as their source, so that their readers could check here for an independent view of the subject.

Please suggest links to other articles that offer substantial analysis, rather than rehashed reporting.

Do not repost the full article as the media monitor the interest in stories by clicks-through.

? Coming Soon - Crap Arrest of the Week???

--- Friday 17 April 2009 ---

* How do environmentalists spot a mole? *

Environment groups know they are being spied on and the arrest of 114 activists this week looks like more of the same, writes John Vidal.


* Do we trust the Government not to misuse laws? - Joseph Watts *

THE police raid that snatched 114 alleged eco-protesters from a Notts primary school this week must have been a finely tuned operation. Just imagine the briefing – a room full of balaclava-clad bobbies and a sergeant in body armour at the front, standing next to a flip chart with a picture of a see-saw on it.

--- Wednesday 15 April 2009 ---

Sneinton School, Site of 114 arrests

Video drive through of the site.

--- Tuesday 14 April 2009 ---

Channel 4 News : Power Protest Arrests - Part 2

(Footage includes police damage to school, arrestees seeking sanctuary at Sumac and interview with Shami Chakrabarti, Liberty)
(4mins 30 in)


* This style of policing is undermining the values of free society *

The arrest of 114 people on suspicion of conspiracy to commit aggravated trespass at Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station, near Nottingham, is extremely worrying and may be regarded as further indication of a style of policing that has developed under this appalling government and is undermining the values and needs of a free society


* Nottinghamshire power station protest - the activists' story *

The protesters arrested for allegedly planning to target a Nottinghamshire power station have been advised by their lawyers not to talk about the details of the action. However, one man who has talked to several activists tells us his story of yesterday's events


* More al-Ikea than al Qaida! Alan Simpson MP *

The trouble with the pre-emptive arrests is that you don't have a crime. Nor do the police have much success in getting convictions in such 'conspiracy to trespass' cases. I have no idea what was in the protesters' minds and would certainly offer no blank cheque endorsement of any plan to destroy buildings or take other people's lives. But on the issue of coal-fired power stations they are right. Their carbon emissions will kill us all.


* Mass arrests over power station protest raise civil liberties concerns *

The arrests - for conspiracy to commit criminal damage and aggravated trespass - come amid growing concern among protesters about increased police surveillance and infiltration by informers.


* The web reacts to power station protest arrests *

(A blog of blogs) News that the police had arrested 114 people for allegedly planning to target a power station set Twitter and blogosphere alight. Some Twitterati likened the arrests to anti-terror action:

Mass arrests for thought crime


Were police spies behind mass arrest of activists?

More than 100 people detained before power plant protest. Direct action group vows campaign will go on


Group Bailed Over Power Station 'Plot'

Police have arrested 114 people who were allegedly planning to target a power station in Nottinghamshire.


Police seize bolt croppers and locks over power station 'plot'

More than 100 people were bailed today over an alleged plot to target a coal-fired power station as parallels emerged to a similar protest in which the plant was infiltrated in 2007.


Police arrest 114 protesters for 'conspiring to shut down power plant'

Police have arrested 114 environmentalists suspected of preparing an attempt to shut down one of Britain's biggest power stations.


E.ON's fence plans after power station security breach

E.ON is building an improved perimeter fence around Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station after being targeted by climate change protesters ... The Post can reveal E.on recently secured permission to build a 3.3m-high, welded mesh fence with "powered electric deter and detection system" to run 4.3km around the outer edge of the power station.

--- Monday April 13 2009 ---

Channel 4 News : Power Protest Arrests - Part 1

(Footage includes footage inside power station and interview with 'climate change activist')
(10 mins in)


* Don't let the police intimidate you *

The arrest of 114 environmental campaigners in Nottingham is no surprise when police surveillance is turning into harassment


Police arrest 100 in swoop on green protesters



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