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Police intimidation - Southampton animal rights

Subvert The City Arts Collective | 17.04.2009 15:57 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Repression | Social Struggles | South Coast | World

Police in Southampton have aproached and advised local venue The Hobbit Pub that hosting so called 'meetings' between animal rights activists/hunt sabs will land them in deep shit with the law should something unlawful occur in the field/demos/actions.

Subvert The City Arts Collective regularly put on independent film nights at The Hobbit Pub and on April 5th we decided to focus on animal rights issues. The films screened were 'Your Mommy Kills Animals', 'Behind The Mask' and the 07/08 SHAC actions overview. We sold plenty of vegan food, raised £25 for the HSA and all in all had a lovely drunken sunday night. Wahey!!!
However after a phonecall and a chat with the manager of the pub a week later all was not so great. Hampshire police had supposedly been informed by a member of the public (hunt scum me thinks eh) that several known animal activists/hunt sabs (you and me) were attending 'meetings' at the pub. Knowing the types of 'terrorists' these folks are, they contacted the pub and told them that having anything to do with animal extremism and particularly raising money for hunt sabbing will land them in trouble with the law should anything unlawful occur in the field/demos/actions that may be a result of the culminating of activists that fateful night. BOLLOCKS!!
This is simply not true. For a start this was not a meeting, it was an evening of independent films and food. Secondly the threats from the police have no grounds what so ever. In a clear cut attack intended to intimidate all involved and suppress our movement the pigs have successfully scared the venue into having nothing more to do with animal rights and even advised them not to get 'political'.
We are currently scheduled for two more evenings but clearly we need a new venue that isn't going to kneel down and cup the balls of the pigs whilst they piss all over our rights. If anybody has any ideas please leave a comment. PEACE. Twiggy

Subvert The City Arts Collective


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PC Martin Foster

17.04.2009 17:29

This repressive action was almost certainly the work of Hampshire FIT's top henchman Martin Foster. He can be contacted via the Inkerman Building at Netley (Hants police switchboard will put you through). He should be asked what he is playing at.

Andy Testies

Filth is filth

17.04.2009 18:20

Outrageous behaviour from the filth, hopefully you can talk the publican around. Don't let them get away with it. Ahem pigs are intelligent don't confuse them with the police. 'Filth is filth'.


meeting for films

18.04.2009 00:48

from what ive heard the films were pretty crap anyway - too much bias information...

anyway that aside - just set up yourself and invite a few buddies around and hand round the films for others to do the same

watch in likkle groups -with munchies and its the best way - special branch mix up extremism and radicalism all the time in their search for terror-issors and in the process forget they can copper-kettle people on their way home and terrorise anywone at whim and that is what an extremist is after all a terror maker.

go underground - dont say where you are... you have no need to hide - just dont help them pick you off - dont terrorise either.



not goin quietly!

18.04.2009 09:21

yet another example of the intelligent game of word association played on behalf of the piglets (who by the way were making the law up as they go along), think we can all see that where the great british justice is dolled out from, alls fair in love and free speech so long as u have a fat wad of cash, the head of FIT in ur pocket and the spunge headed ignorance of a sadistic cunt. didnt the squeeling git get enough of a kick out of slaughtering natures innocence! we will not bow to police intimidation! we are impervious to social bullying! the nights will continue! every individual has the right to a life without a pig camera in their living room and every animal has the right to freedom beyond all fences! keep an eye out for more info more veganities and shenanigans next time! cheers andy answers will be got!
let them all run wild!

mail e-mail:

Human Rights

18.04.2009 09:57

What you need is to quote Article 10 of the European Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms 1998. Freedom of expression.

They may not like what you say but you have the right to say it.

See and The latter was subject of court action by Dorset Police in the USA where the domain host is based. They lost and incurred £100,000 in costs which will be passed on to the taxpayers in Dorset. The judge ruled that freedom of speech was paramount.

In my experience, PLod has no knowledge of the Human Rights Act.

It is also possible to sue for breaches of this in the local county court. See Legal Beagles on the Schnews site.

Jolly Roger