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ITALY Fly with the Fascist to London

antifa | 15.04.2009 07:04 | World

In the 90 right-wing extremists Roberto Fiore and Massimo Morselli created "Easy London, now try to imitate the acolytes near Gianluca Iannone

The slogan

"Te la do io London' (I give You London) refers to the radio transmission of Mario Corsi (former terrorist Fascist Nar)

Tango heart ... beauty is in action, Tango heart torn ... .. So this gray" Zetazeroalfa singing, the group leader Gianluca Iannone and factotum of the extreme right of Casa Pound: occupies the building of Via Napoleone III, but you can also meet at library Via San Martino ai Monti iron head or behind the counter of the Cutty Sark pub in Colle Oppio. O still in the tattoo shop that is called, in fact, Tango Heart Tattoo, behind the Termini station in Calatafimi 22. To manage the local Alessio Bernardini, a candidate in 2008 with the Right of Storace in IX municipio. And it is at the same address (via Calatafimi 22) that matches a "cultural association" (Quadrophenia) than in recent weeks has paved Rome event with 'pop' that call to travel to England. "Te la do io London", reads the poster, and promises "work accommodation and / or English course 'at any time of year." All this reflects very closely the best known "Easy London" which, nell'89 born at the instigation of former fugitive from the Armed Revolutionary Nuclei (NAR) Roberto Fiore and Massimo Morsello (returned home in'97 and founder of Forza Nuova), organized and still organizes travel, work, housing and language courses in England in connection with the company "Meeting Point" in London. The 'Meeting Point' who have worked over the years also Andrea Insabato (the attacker to the location of the Manifesto leftist newspaper in 2000) and Mario Corsi, the radio of "Marione", formerly terrorist of Nar, which for some years leading transmission "Te la do io Tokio '. Forza Nuova and Casa Pound, officially, the two organizations are very strong right on Rome territory. But they are also "in conflict" between them. Different mentalities and the political horizon. Forza Nuova, led by Fiore, is traditionalist Catholic, rigidly anti-immigration, and do political battle against populist rapes and pedophilia. Casa Pound, whose ideological leader is Gabriele Adinolfi, is careful to give a new aspect: discussions (the last one on Craxi) and presentations of books, futurism and initiatives "spectacular", like the one two years ago close to the 'bubble' of Big Brother. Fiore and Adinolfi are old friends: 30yrs ago both were leaders of the Third Position. "
When in 1980 came the arrest warrants for "creation of armed band" all fled, and two, at different times, in London in the 80s, and both returned to Italy in the years ahead, eager to collect what was left of the phenomenon 'naziskin '. Today London is still put together two sides to the right-wing. Who knows if it is competition or merge in the name of the business

From the left: 'Boycott'

The website was built with that "smart" style which has always characterized the idea of graphic "Far Right Roman is certainly more attractive than the' cousins' Easy London, more" serious ". The writing that stands above the homepage and that the offer addressed only to the "EU citizens" perhaps best explains horizon. From the 90s to now have been left by alternate voices for boycott of 'Easy London, daughter of absconding extremists blacks. Yet, it seems, the agency continues to enjoy a good health with its nine offices in Italy (two in Rome) and the new route just opened to Dublin and the green Ireland.