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RBS HQ in Brighton attacked by anarchists

a few @utonomous individuals | 14.04.2009 14:19 | G20 London Summit | Repression | Social Struggles | World

Monday 14 April, late evening.

Many windows at the Royal Bank of Scotland HQ in Brighton were smashed in solidarity with all those arrested and hurt at the G20. Also, we don't forget the memory of all those killed by police everyday, nor do we forget all those imprisoned and in rebellion.

With this action we want to increase the rage against the capitalist system and act in a moment where we dictate the conditions of conflict, not the police.

Evident from the G20 is that abiding 'within' the law offers no 'protection' from state brutality and repression, and also shows how ineffective 'lawful protest' is. The system will not and cannot listen, it's time to stop asking for change and instead go out and make it.

Free the EDO 2.

a few @utonomous individuals


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diversity of tactics

14.04.2009 15:41

I think your tactics are as equally ineffective as lawful protest. So rather than slagging off other people for struggling in their own way, let's respect other people's positions and tactics.



14.04.2009 15:53

Lets keep up the pressure on the scum.

(a) solidarity.

I disagree

14.04.2009 18:53

Your lawful demonstrations are effective for you when cops kick your buts, and our militant actions are effective for us when we show the dead system how to die. INT SOLIDARITY!



15.04.2009 22:52

Yes, good to see direct action as nobody listens and police only protect their paymasters - poor and vulnerable people are downtrodden; I have experienced the cowardly brutality of the local filth - remember vulnerable people, poor people etc have started nothing

Chiang Yee