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Mass arrests in Nottingham on Easter Monday

Reporter | 13.04.2009 07:49

BBC are reporting over 100 people arrested this morning on conspiracy to commit criminal trespass

BBC are speculating proposed sites of alleged planned trespass as possibly Ratcliffe power station, Eastcroft incinerator or Colwick oil depot.

Hopefully this story will be updated as readers learn more.

Readers might like to ponder the use of the new thought crime laws (where you break the law just by thinking of undertaking a crime) at a time when hundreds of climate activists might be preparing cases against the police following the illegal and violent behaviour of the police during the peaceful G20 protests.



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  2. whats happening man? — What?
  3. go 2 bridewell, its the largest suite, imc is not responsible for goodness — Green Syndicalist& Universal Democrat
  4. no1s flagging this up properly,because of kidnap, assumed they are in Bridewell — Green Syndicalist& Universal Democrat,sherwood
  5. Hope everyone arrested is OK — SamAwake