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Climate Protest Busted!?

A | 13.04.2009 07:40 | Climate Chaos | Energy Crisis | Repression | Sheffield

More than 80 people (over 100 according to BBC Today programme) arrested in Nottingham on suspicion of conspiracy to commit aggravated trespass and criminal damage at a power industry facility.

MORE than 80 people have been arrested in Sneinton.

Officers from Notts Police made the arrests in the early hours of this morning.

People were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit aggravated trespass and criminal damage at a power industry facility.

One resident told the Evening Post: "At midnight on Sunday I was leaving my house on Sneinton Dale when I noticed a long steady line of traffic coming towards and passing me on Sneinton Dale.

"The police cars blocked off the roads from Highcliffe Road junction to Ipswich Circus junction off Sneinton Dale and all the police vans were parked in between outside and around the Bakersfield community centre on Sneinton Dale."



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People around nottingham are worrying, are they still detained, where Bridewell?

13.04.2009 08:00

vagueness, BBC radio nottingham reported this before IMC it seems, it was vague too. Anyway Iam sure you werent beaten up or anything, let us know asap.

Green Syndicalist& Universal Democrat

The police should be arresting people like Guy Hands the owner of

13.04.2009 08:44

Terra Firma which owns WRG,which owns eastcroft. His toxins are definetely poisioning everyone.Manmade unregulated Nanoparticles from 100s of unlabelled household products are being spread everywhere, the longterm effects unknown.They are way below ParticulateMatter 2.5 Environmental Agencies current standard.
In a way Iam glad no one got into Eastcroft even though I bet it would have only been a banner drop or attempt to press one of the red safety buttoons, its more directly toxic than Eons Radcliffe power station. Will go down to police station, solicitor, alot of people are worried,
Cant the "official" media get someone to the station to report?.

Green Syndicalist

An alarming change in Police tactics

13.04.2009 09:28

Mass arrest on the sniff of a possible trespass?

That they made the arrests apparently well away from any target is surprising.. They are out on a limb here and the best hope is for substantial cases against them for wrongful arrest in order to deter this tactic in the future. Hopefully they have it all wrong and have rounded up a bunch of ravers looking for a party....


Concern from Scotland

13.04.2009 09:28


Let us know if there's anything we can do to support from Scotland, and please keep us updated if possible?

Kid from a picture book
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fuck... times have changed

13.04.2009 10:53

free the Nottingham hundred!


people living near large police station should be checking things out now in

13.04.2009 11:14

bestwood,bridewell near magistrates court,radford rd, or wells rd stannes, etc. What a corrupt waste of money, Eastcroft incinerator was smoking this wknd too with black smoke, like it had breached,criminal!!!!, enough said about Radcliffe power station. This is meant to be a free country

Green Syndicalist& Universal Democrat,sherwood

BBCsay 114 men& women arrested, people monitoring,careful posting on eveningpost

13.04.2009 11:24

website, it sometimes shows emails of people commenting. Theres probably women & children arrested here, police say with equipment, most probably nothing more than climbing equipment,potentially for banner drops.

People living near large police station should be checking things out now in bestwood,bridewell near magistrates court,radford rd, or wells rd stannes, etc. What a corrupt waste of money, Eastcroft incinerator was smoking this wknd too with black smoke, like it had breached,criminal!!!!, enough said about Radcliffe power station, they both need shutting down.

This is meant to be a free country, shame on the corrupted system we live under,
we need real democracy

Green Syndicalist& Universal Democrat,sherwood

More News

13.04.2009 11:31

*Hundred held over 'power protest' *

More than 100 people have been arrested over an alleged conspiracy to commit aggravated trespass and criminal damage at a power industry facility.

Nottinghamshire Police said the arrests were made in a residential area in the early hours of Monday. Police and power firms have not confirmed which site the alleged protest was said to be targeting.

Residents in the suburb of Sneinton contacted the BBC with reports of a large police presence in the area.

Tess Rearden, who lives near where the arrests were made, said she saw 20 police vehicles in the area. She said: "It was all slamming of doors and van doors and all these vans were coming up here - police vans, riot vans. My son came out of his bedroom and he said 'have you seen what's going on out front?' They were all up and down the roads here. It was bedlam, real bedlam."

City councillor David Mellen said: "I understand there was some kind of gathering of people here last night and police took action. Obviously it's disturbing for the neighbours in the area but if police had information there was some kind of danger to the power supply for people in the East Midlands then obviously they need to take action."

Police have not yet released any further details.


Arrestee Home Searches are "Possible" ...

13.04.2009 11:36

... According to IMC UK.

Here's what the Activist Legal Project say about police powers

b. Search without a warrant (section 18 Police and Criminal Evidence Act, 1984)
Once you have been arrested for an indictable offence the police no longer need to get a search warrant. They can enter premises eg your home or workplace whilst you are under arrest, if they reasonably suspect that there is evidence on the premises relating to the offence for which you are under arrest or for similar offences. The police may only search the parts of the premises under your control, so can’t search your housemates rooms, but can search the common parts, eg garden, shed, kitchen, bathroom, attic.
[Reference (PDF): ALP
ALP home:]

And here's a PDF copy of PACE Section 18:


If not you ...

114 arrests - target was ratcliffe on soar power station

13.04.2009 12:02

BBC news saying 114 arrests - target was ratcliffe on soar power station, which is one the biggest Co2 emitters in the country


link please I wouldnt be sure, could be police story

13.04.2009 12:29

we can only speculation, what was their source?

Green Syndicalist& Universal Democrat

Obviously as this involved 'conspiracy' whoever organised this event doesn't fee

13.04.2009 14:23

Obviously as this involved 'conspiracy' whoever organised this event doesn't feel able to talk about it. I'm sure we'll all hear about it in time. Obviously it's disappointing that this action didn't happen, but yet again over zealous police action could be an equally useful campaigning / motivating issue. The number of arrests means that loads of 'non-arrestable' people will have been picked up, and the chance of getting succesful prosecutions is almost non existent, there'll be false arrest claims a-plenty!. This operation must have cost a fortune as well, so i guess local people won't be best pleased either.


Brave new world, descent into a dystopian nightmare!

13.04.2009 19:38

Pre-emptive arrest, means before you do something; it is now a crime to say you may take part in a protest. It’s bad that you might lose your life on a protest as witnessed at the recent G20, but this goes much lower into the pits of a 1984 type world. This was also the result of 'an intelligence-led operation, the issue of weapons of mass destruction clearly shows how wrong the state can be in this area. First they started with the internet and the use of thought crimes to give it a bad name, really a device to try and give the state back its monopoly of disseminating propaganda, then they came for the people that care about our communities and are willing to make a stand. You must now ask yourself who’s next and why! Time for the people of Britain to stand up to this rubbish and demand our civil rights back.

Mark Wood
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nothing new to us muslims

13.04.2009 21:58

can't believe everyone is so freaked out by this - us muslims have been dealing with raids and arrests in similar numbers on a regular basis ever since those bloody two towers went down. when we get arrested we don't get bail, or a trial, or access to a lawyer, and we do get beaten/tortured. its generally done without evidence merely on suspicion (of being muslim).

where have you lot been? how come so few white faces when we protest this treatment? how come you only react when its your white skinned brethren and don't give a shit about us. i though you were "political" huh

fed up of "institutionalised" racism in the movements

My muslim friend,

14.04.2009 00:03

If there aren't enough white faces at the demos, try publicising them better. I know dozens of people who are outraged by the way muslims are treated. If you look back through this newswire's archive you'll find hundreds of posts from white people complaining about, for instance, the arrests at Nottingham Uni, etc. This doesn't come as a surprise to any activist/anarchist/etc, and nor does the colour of the victims' skin make any difference. For all I know it could be 100 black or asian or south american environmentalists.
Not that there aren't failings within our movements, but to suggest that the majority of white activists are guilty of not caring about the oppressions visited upon muslims is just silly.



14.04.2009 10:05

I'm muslim, and I'm white. By saying that the movement is racist because there are no 'white faces' at anti-islamophobia demos, you are compounding the problem.
1. Because Islam isnt a race, its a belief system.
2. There are white muslims, as they are black, asian, latino muslims.

Your implication of "white vs. muslims" makes me feel uncomfortable... not only does it imply that muslims cant be white, but its just repeating the same old shit that the fash want us to believe.