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Defaced Banksy

Appropriate Media | 06.04.2009 08:07 | Culture | Free Spaces | Workers' Movements | World

In the early hours of this morning, Banksy's 'Mild Mild West' on Stokes Croft in Bristol (UK) was repainted by a member of Appropriate Media, presenting an alternative version of this 'alternative Bristol landmark'.

Banksy Mild Mild West
Banksy Mild Mild West

Through this action, Appropriate Media asks “What is the value of street art?”. How much time and money will be spent to restore this urban 'masterpiss' by urban masterpisser, Banksy.

Come on, you only care about it cos its a Banksy and he sells his lazy polemics to Hollywood movie stars for big bucks.

Come on, you only care about it cos makes you feel edgy and urban to tour round the inner city in your 4x4, taking in the tired coffee table subversion that graffiti has become.

Appropriate Media state:

Graffiti artists are the copywriters for the capitalist created phenomenon of urban art.
Graffiti artists are the performing spray-can monkeys for gentrification.

We call for the appropriate and legitimate use of public and private property.

We are taking matters into our own hands.
We will not seek permission.
We will retaliate.

Appropriate Media
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