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Interview with two Eyewitnesses of G20 Death

Imc London | 03.04.2009 16:37 | G20 London Summit | Globalisation | Indymedia

Interview with two eyewitnesses of the events preceding the death of Ian Tomlinson, the man who died during anti G20 protests in the City of London on the 1st of April.

They can be contacted through this press liasion email:

read the statement at:

Imc London


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Metro newspaper witness claims there was blood on Ian's face

03.04.2009 17:39

"Fran Legg, a politics student studying at Queen Mary, University of London, said: "I heard people shouting that there was a man down on the ground and I saw there was someone lying on the pavement on his back."

She said her friend went to help him while she stayed a few metres further back.

The 20-year-old, from Tavistock, in Devon, said: "People were calling out: 'Please, we need medics over here'.

"Someone called an ambulance."

She said her friend put the man in the recovery position.

He had blood on his face and was losing consciousness.

About eight riot police arrived with police medics and stood around the man.

Miss Legg said protesters were calling for people to move back and give the man space and she said the majority of people co-operated.

She said the ambulance arrived about 10 minutes later, by which time the man had gone very white and was having breathing difficulties.

She said by the time police medics took over from her friend, the man had fallen unconscious."

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No blood

03.04.2009 19:46

I know Fran, and have spoken to her about this. She did not state that there was blood on the guy's head. This was originally printed in the Guardian and has been copied by the Metro. It's an error on the part of the journalist. I realise people won't necessarily choose to believe my post here, however this is the truth.