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URGENT - Help Workers Factory Occupation in Enfield London

Ms Anne Thropy | 03.04.2009 14:49 | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements

Please forward this to all your lists IMMEDIATELY

Workers at Visteon factory Enfield London have seized control of the factory following major lay-offs and need help to resist eviction expected very soon.

They really need help and support. They especially and very urgently need
- legal support and advice, at the very least by phone
- tents(they are on the roof and it is very uncomfortable)
- dongle(s) for internet access (they have none at the moment, it is a major problem)

The factory has formerly manufactured car parts, but it could be used to make wind turbines.

They need NUMBERS and they need them NOW

Factory is on Morson Road. 5 mins from Ponders End rail station - cross footbridge, take main rd twds Central London, Morson Rd on left, factory at bottom end.

For more info call mobile phone in factory 07799 896 466

Ms Anne Thropy


Visteon factory occupation latest...

03.04.2009 17:34

roof view
roof view


outside the gate
outside the gate


londoners show their support
londoners show their support

Hello from inside the Visteon factory!

Latest news:

Over 70 people still inside the factory both on the shop-floor and on the roof. Security have been a limited threat but so far have been ineffective (adding a padlock next to a fence we could remove!). It is great to see so many people outside!

We plan to stay for as long as it is needed, we feel very safe and happy in here. Tents, food and internet have been provided, thank you! But any further donations will be much welcomed. We are delighted by the responce, the solidarity and the news that two primary schools in Scotland are now being occupied too! Together the change is spreading.

We are hoping to put on film showings tonight with a projector that is apparently on its way...


Visteon Occupation reaches 4th day

03.04.2009 23:40

Occupation latest:

A new team of Security has been sent...(probably because the last group were working for Visteon also and were unsure about their job security, so had much in common with us)

We have put up Section 6 notices and claimed rights to the part of the building that we occupy, this will become a court battle from Monday morning.

Thank you to those who came to make banners and provide much needed legal advice.

We have had legal support from many groups, parties and individuals on the left, and we are still overwhelmed by the support, advice and resources that are being sent our way.

We had another positive meeting this evening and are very much ready to do what it takes to win this battle, but staying peaceful in the process which we feel is helping our cause.

We are hoping to deliver leaflets soon to local residents and still wish to be a space for a mini tent-city to highlight our plight and would still appreciate help in any of these ways if you have spare time, spare tents or could help in other ways.

Thank you to DM for preparing a leaflet for is the text which tells our story in full so far:


Saturday April 4th


Support the Ford Visteon Workers Occupation

@ The Factory, Morson Road EN3 4TN

near Ponders End train station, Enfield

The plant is 5min walk, cross the foot-bridge, walk down main road towards Central London, the next street to the left is Morson Road, the factory situated at the end

Statement (over) from some Ford Visteon workers and supporters (from inside the occupied factory) ►

We have occupied our factory Ford Visteon workers have occupied our factory since Wednesday 1st April. The previous day in a meeting lasting just 6 minutes we were told that the European company, with plants in Belfast, Basildon and Ponders End, Enfield, was going into administration and that we were to leave - without our wages being paid. Personal possessions could be collected the next day, but at 10 o'clock the factory was locked closed. Workers had already occupied the Belfast factory.

We demand what is due to us The 200 workers who are part of the Ford subsidiary want the same conditions they have always had via "mirror contracts" with the parent company. Up to now they don't know when they will get wages due, and their pensions are to be controlled by the government Pensions Protection Fund. This means a maximum of £9,000 a year and much reduced conditions! Some of the women and men have 40 yrs service!

The whole situation has been created for news management - announce it during the G20 and it will get buried in the media. And this is largely what's happened. The move is to save Visteon USA money at our expense.

But unexpectedly Unite union members have taken determined action that bosses thought they had eliminated years ago.

The workers want their existing terms respected. Ford Visteon can't be allowed to avoid their responsibility. So far they have tried legal intimidation but have even managed to mess this up.

As well as proper redundancy payments, some are suggesting that the skills of the workers who can make anything in plastic, should be used to make increasingly needed parts for green products - bike and trailer parts, solar panels, turbines, etc. Government investment in this rather than throwing money away to bankers could be profitable and save jobs in the long term.

All support welcome Ford Visteon workers have been pleased at the support received from other Ford plants as well, such as Southampton, who are blacking Visteon products.

Please come to the factory to show us your support. Get your Union branch or organisation to pass a resolution in support. Help raise money by doing workplace and community collections.

This is a fight we can win. We're off our knees and fighting fit!

Visteon Occupiers


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