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G20 Protest London - Memorial for the Dead Protester.

Jo | 02.04.2009 22:33 | G20 London Summit

Videos of the 2nd April events at the Memorial...

2nd Apil 1pm - After the death yesterday of a 40yr old male, protesters return to set up a memorial outside the Royal Exchange.

2nd April 2.30pm - More protesters arrive for memorial for dead protester, police presence getting heavier.

2nd April 2.40pm - Lots of chanting and shouting as mounted police move in to break up the growing crowd by the memorial.

2nd April 4pm - The crowd for the dead protester remains, with a heavy police presense keeping them contained.

2nd April 5pm - Most protesters outside Bank of England have left, with around 20 outside the Royal Exchange staging a sit-in



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  1. dead protestor? — accuracy
  2. Bless. — Jo
  3. Accuracy.. — MJS
  4. Well he was "seen" possibly on one of the protest marches... — Jo
  5. It's true — dante
  6. Accuracy — Stroppyoldgit
  7. solidarity — anon
  8. Not a protester — Norvello
  9. I agree — Jo
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