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Trying to make sense of the G20 protests

Autonomous Nottingham | 02.04.2009 15:01 | G20 London Summit | Repression | Social Struggles

There have been ominous signs ( of it coming for some time but it seemed protesters were still unprepared for the level of police violence ( that was unleashed in London yesterday. The infamous kettling tactics of the British police have claimed their first life
( and there are numerous reports of head wounds, crushing and unprovoked attack. Today the convergence centre and Ramparts have been raided ( by riot cops and there are reports of further arrests. When we attack capital the defenders of capital will hit back, viciously.

On the positive side, thousands of anti-capitalists made it onto the streets to disrupt the smiling facade of capital's leadership conference with graffiti, uncontrollability and a good old fashioned bank trashing ( A branch of RBS was well and truly gutted. Protesters also managed to swoop onto Bishopsgate and set up a temporary climate camp (, although, true to form, the boys in blue violently evicted ( it later in the day.

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