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Vigil today ongoing at Bank of England

Marina Pepper | 02.04.2009 14:15 | G20 London Summit | Repression | South Coast | World

Bank of England vigil underway for the man who died at yesterday's G20 Meltdown protest.

Around 200 protesters have gathered in the City, on the steps of the Old Exchange by the Bank of England. Their presence represents a spontaneous protest in solidarity for the man who died while kettled at G20 Meltdown yesterday.

No details of the man's death have been released. All that's known is he was around 30-years-old and died while kettled with thousands of others outside the Bank of England.

Demonstrators are demanding answers and an independent inquiry into the man's death. A wall of condolences for the man who died as sprung up. A minute silence was held also.

Police are operating an on off kettle policy. This appears to be a method of encouraging people to leave while they can.

The mood over all is calm. There have been waves of chanting: SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU and WHO'S STREETS? OUR STREETS! to the 200-odd police drafted in to "keep the peace."

While some protesters have left, many others continue to arrive. Some line the pavements outside the Bank of England. Police are now attempting to move these people on.

Marina Pepper
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