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British Transport Police - keeping an eye on us

anon. | 31.03.2009 00:38 | G20 London Summit

British Transport Police warning rail staff employees to look out for G20 protestors

Staff who work for the Welsh Train company Arriva were handed this message today, I'm presuming other rail staff across the UK were given similar messages:

"As you are most probably aware from news reports it is anticipated that there may be some public disorder asocaited with the G20 meeting in London on Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd April 2009.

Whilst our services are very unlikely to be directly affected by the event, it is possible that they will be used by passengers intending to make their way to demonstrate in London.

Therefore British Transport Police are asking staff to report any sightings that meet the following general description of activities:

* Groups of travellers wearing noticeable themed clothing, for example same large logo or coloured shirts etc
* Any noticebale groups who are beleived to be travelling to London
* Any groups carrying banners or posters
* Any group bookings to London that day/s

If any groups are seen that meet the above please forward details of time, locatins, description and numbers to BTP control Rooms on wither the normal control room number

0800405040 or

ON THE DAY of the event a direct phone line of Intenral 004 1123 or External 02078301123

BTP welcome any possible information that can be supplied and emphasise that even the smallest piece of information can be useful

Can you please pass on this request to all relevant staff"



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