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Sequani Demonstration 18th April. Confirmed

Stop Sequani Campaign | 29.03.2009 22:24 | Stop Sequani Animal Testing | Animal Liberation | Birmingham

Demonstration at JRF and Sequani Labs

There will be a demonstration on the 18th April at 11am - 1pm at JRF International, Chartwell House, Church Street Gt Malvern

Then a short train journey to Sequani Labs Ledbury 2pm - onwards.

Train stops at Great Malvern then it is a 5 minute walk to Church Street.

JRF International (Jai Research Foundation) are a contract testing firm in India but they have a small office situated above an opticians in Malvern, they have recently taken there sign from the door.

Then onto the Hillfields benefit gig at the Wagon and Horses in Birmingham.

This is not a demonstration for World Animal Day there is currently a demonstration planned in London we understand, however if people have the money to attend both then please do so.

This demonstration was cancelled before as posted by 'Gemma' however there is no reason why a demonstration cannot go ahead.

Hope to see you there, if not, we will see you at the World Day Rally.

Stop Sequani Campaign
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