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CID offer large sums of money for information on smashEDO

disgusted | 28.03.2009 19:05 | Smash EDO | Anti-militarism | South Coast

Corrupt cops offer cash reward for snitches!

Atleast 1 person has been approached by Brighton CID, offering them large sums of money (amounts of up to £10,000 were mentioned) to reveal plans and names of the smashEDO campaign.

This is just another example of how Brighton police are prepared to break the law to protect war criminals EDO MBM/ITT.



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  1. phone number — disgusted
  2. interesting — Krop
  3. they use this tactic with animal rights activists too — anon
  4. more info please — interested
  5. All the Justice you can buy? — J Edgar Hoover in a Basque and Crotchless Knickers