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March 30th Global Day of Action to Boycott Israeli goods

Pam | 28.03.2009 16:37 | Anti-racism | Palestine | Repression | Oxford

Everyone is urged to support the Global Day of Action on Monday 30th March by contacting Tescos and Waitrose Customer Services to complain about their practice of selling goods grown on Illegal Israeli settlements and misleadingly labelling some of these goods “West Bank”
Tescos 0800 505 555
Waitrose 0800 188 881

At the World Social Forum last year in Belen the Palestinian Boycott Divestmant and Sanctions National Committee called for a global day of action on Monday March 30th 2009 in support of the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement.

In the UK we are urging supporters of the Palestinians to take action against Waitrose and Tesco during the 28th-30th March as part of the international call to action. Waitrose and Tesco are the most intransigent British supermarkets on the issue of Israeli settlement goods and Israeli produce. Both supermarkets have failed to engage with Palestine Solidarity Campaign when the issue of settlement goods and labeling has been raised with them.

In Oxford today supporters leafletted shoppers at the two Tesco supermarkets, and displayed placards listing produce sold in the supermarkets whose origin was either Israel or the West Bank. Shoppers often mistakenly believe that produce labelled "West Bank" comes from Palestinian farmers whereas it actually comes from illegal Israeli settlements on stolen Palestinian land.

Supermarkets are beginning to feel the effects of our boycott actions. During January and February countless stalls, pickets and demonstrations were held outside supermarkets. There have been several reports in the press that Israeli goods are remaining in warehouses or on the shelves past their sell by date. The groundswell of support for Gaza has brought the boycott to the attention of thousands of supporters; we need to engage these supporters in our actions.

For more info on the Waitrose and Tesco positions and points to make to them on Israeli and Israeli settlement produce see

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