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Gaza Aid Trip Success - Driver Mohamed El Haddad reports back

Dialect | 27.03.2009 01:31 | Anti-militarism | Culture | Palestine | World

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01:00 - Introduction by John Peters-Coleman.
02:00 - Mohammed Al Haddad reports back from the Gaza Aid Convoy. He has just returned to Bristol after his 5000 mile aid delivery trip. Report continues next week. .
16:45 - live song by Rachel Edmunson - In Laceche
19:30 - History of Organised Crime by David Southwell - After the fall of the Soviet Union. Boom time for European Organised Crime ... a vast shadow government. read by Malcolm Grieves.
30:00 - song Nights in White Satin - sung in Italian from the Halo Cafe Open Mic. Night
32:30 - Pisco in Peru was hit by an earthquake in 15th August 2007. Why hasn't Western Aid got through to Pisco.
42:45 - Princess Diana interview - part 5, 1992 A transcript of a phone conversation between Diana and James Gilbey

53:00 - Jeff Sparkes and his What's On guide.
58:30 - Credits and reminders for the Gaza Aid Support campaigns

Presenter - John Peters-Coleman
Producer - Anthea Page
Studio Engineer - Vilas Chitrakaran

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