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Jacqui Smith: The threat of a chemical or nuclear attack is now more real

dandelion salad | 26.03.2009 19:04 | Anti-militarism | Other Press | Repression | World

Contrary to the endless media brainwashing about “change” towards a far more peaceful and just world, what we are actually being offered is more of the same thing: More racist propaganda, more repression at home and more genocides abroad…

1) Chemical or nuclear attack threat 'more realistic'
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excerpts from: Chemical or nuclear attack threat 'more realistic'

by Sam Marsden, Independent, 24 March 2009

Terrorist group al-Qa'ida is likely to fragment in the coming years but an attack on Britain involving chemical or nuclear weapons is now "more realistic", the Government warned today.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith highlighted the danger posed by new technologies and failed states around the world as she published an updated counter-terror strategy.

The report - known as Contest Two […] contains a stark warning about the likelihood of an attack involving a "dirty bomb". […]

Ms Smith was asked whether there was a greater threat of a CBRNE (*) attack than five years ago. She replied:

"There is the potential, given the international situation, what we believe to be the aspirations of some international terrorists, that it could be." […]

Ms Smith called for the use of "civil challenge" to those who hold extremist viewpoints. She cited the example of the Muslim activists who recently protested at a homecoming parade in Luton for British forces returning from Iraq. […]


(*) CBRNE is the acronym for chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield explosives.



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