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An epitaph for Liberty... | 26.03.2009 14:07

Controversial spying laws that were supposedly designed to fight ’serious crime’ have - surprise, surprise - been regularly abused by councils throughout England and Wales; but the extent of the abuse is startling.

According to the government’s ‘Office of Public Sector Information’ (OPSI - more like fucking ‘Oopsie’ if you ask us), The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 ( “Provides for the interception of user logs and e-mails of suspected criminals by the security and intelligence services.” So far the Act has been used for the prevention of serious crimes like dogs shitting and the inappropriate use of chewing gum.

In five years UK councils have used the Act a staggering 10,000 times! - and we’re then expected to believe that things like the proposed National Database, compulsory ID Cards and new ‘Anti-Terror’ laws will not be abused by present or future governments and local authorities.

The laws of England were founded on the principles enshrined by Magna (, principles that were originally intended to guarantee equal rights for all; regardless of their class, wealth, privilege or any other accident of birth. Magna Carta lay the foundation for things like trail by jury, Habeas Corpus,( the right to silence, the assumption of innocence before being proven guilty (all things which have been ignored by the present government - which, under Magna Carta, invalidates their right to govern). But despite the Charters of Liberty (the Magna Carta combined with the oft forgotten/ignored Charter of the Forest - ( guarantees our share of the natural resources of England) the laws of England now put the desires of the rich and powerful before the needs of the vast majority of people.

Men, women and children throughout history have died for the Liberties that we are now prepared to let slip through our fingers for the sake of our - so called - ’security’. If you feel safe thanks to the growing Database State (
then good luck to you, but you’d do well to remember the words of Benjamin Franklin…

“Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.”

For most of us this slow whittling away of our liberties will spell disaster for ourselves and our kids. Anyone who is not (quite literally) a card carrying member of Middle England will live as a second class citizen. The law has already failed the vast majority of us - this is why Bank Bosses Are Criminals ( were forced to break the law in order to seek justice - once again the ‘Just’ have been forced to become ‘Outlaws’, once again it’s a choice between Liberty or the Law - so who’s side are you on?